ZOOK PST to EML Converter

by ZOOK Software

Convert files from your PST PST extension to an EML format using it.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ZOOK Software

Release: ZOOK PST to EML Converter 3.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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convert files that form the default extension of Microsoft Outlook to the PST format, which can be found here. By converting the files to EML, an extension for email messages stored in a simple format, all these files are converted into an image, thus providing the ultimate flexibility of using media from anywhere on a computer. Your backup device can be configured to not access data via an outlook program if you have one of these devices. If you intend to retrieve old files from old PST folders, this feature may prove useful. By converting the message into something else rather than an attachment, the space saved is less.

This PDT has no restriction on the password of the user or data stored in a SQL database. Some of these PST files originate from old versions of Outlook not compatible with new versions. Despite these limitations, extracting data from old emails through Outlook is a serious headache. Typically, these emails are evidence showing compliance with communication. You can convert these files into other formats and not lose any data using this tool. Due to the software's ability to handle any size file, you can eliminate worries about the files' size as it will convert everything efficiently and save it into an EML document, with a much lower size requirement than a large PDF.

The second benefit is that it's incredibly secure when it comes to converting the contents of your PST files, so no other program nor a virus has access to it during the entire conversion process. Plus, all of the PST files are automatically converted to EML and not to MPT formats. Therefore, a data theft does not stand in the way of converting these files.

Furthermore, it offers an automatic and simultaneous file conversion. After the data input is complete, it will automatically do the conversion with no need for the user to continuously sit in front of their screens and select and deselect files for conversion even when fully operational. Conversion in this way is especially useful for data that is large and complex.

The biggest benefit of Outlook in terms of compatibility, however, lies in its versions. In order for Outlook to function as a business, continuous updates are required.One of the greatest benefits of this software is that a lot of PST files are redundant in new versions. The issue of version compatibility should not be an issue here. The PST file is made easier with this tool.

It is able to provide you with access to your email database without any of your email files requiring Outlook to be installed in your office. There is an opening for categorizing information in the EML file.

  • An older version of Outlook may be able to export the files.
  • There is no limit on file size.
  • It converts the PST files through a security layer without information to be bypassed.
  • Each package can be purchased as an individual subscription or as a bundle for use in the home.
  • A password protected file can also be converted to EML.
In ZOOK PST to EML converter, people can convert the two formats in one go. It is of particular value to professionals in the industry. I have added it to the email form so I can change details without having to sign up for a mailing list. It will now be easier for us to track incoming emails. Employers as well as students and professionals reap the rewards of using an online recruitment tool. Attend and consult with them, so that they can provide excellent recommendations.
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