ZoneAlarm AntiVirus

by Zone Labs

Computing with a robust antivirus can no longer be guaranteed by conventional solutions.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zone Labs

Release: ZoneAlarm AntiVirus

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus software offers a lot for a lot less. Several companies can scan your credit card information free of charge, but ZoneAlarm offers a level of protection comparable to any other with respect to all elements of your computer use.

This product has a powerful antivirus and antimalware system that automatically scans and detectsmalware on the fly. Users can update definitions quickly and easily using the user-friendly interface. I was surprised how simple and intuitive the program was, and I was not able to waste time and resources with other things. ZoneAlarm's scans, like all scans, are predefined, so if you don't know how or where you want to place each item in a certain scan, customize the scans.

There is much more to that. With ZoneAlarm you can actively monitor and protect your PC from cyberattacks that could come from outside. It comes integrated into ZoneAlarm's firewall system. In addition, it detects when wireless network is used, and it automatically configures the firewalls to keep you safe, regardless of whether your network is secure.

Furthermore, ZoneAlarm applies daily credit monitoring to prevent ID theft. There are even credit education specialists on hand to assist in cases of suspected fraud (applicable only to the US). Furthermore, ZoneAlarm offers its gamer mode as a way to ease up while enjoying a good computer game while suspending scans, updates, and alerts.

As a separate solution, ZoneAlarm also provides a paid version, with many premium features, but your experience with it will be worth its price. Because it includes a built-in firewall, and because you don't pay for it, I think the security is worth the investment when you take into account that you won't be charged for it.

Provides a free antivirus that includes a firewall

  • Built-in firewall
  • Antivirus and antimalware
  • Web browser protection
  • Protects against identity theft
  • Monitors network traffic
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