by Zoiper.com

A standalone client-side software VOIP phone application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zoiper.com

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Zoiper is a free software SIP phone available for many platforms. protocols: SIP and IAX. The software allows the transmission of instant messages, receiving and sending faxes, saving images and video calls. This program provides the necessary tools for simple, effective communication as well as business operations. Informicaion of information is securely maintained by developers.

Distributed by Zoiper on a free basis. According to the following method, the program works. By the end, Zoiper will check a webcam, speakers, or headphones and microphone as they perform the task. Creating your own account is the next step. There will then be a list of all of the functionalities of this application after that. Ctrl + P can be used to enter the settings. Configure the SIP and IAX protocols and settings in this area. A higher quality picture will appear when you hear your call, but in settings, either because the phone does not appear as fast, or because traffic is being saved, the video can be lowered. In addition to sound, you also have access to contact lists and chat. The fax machine is used to send the mail via chat. A special button on the message must be attached so that a document can be attached.

- Russian-language interface;

- confidentiality of information;

- Contacts are imported and synchronized.

- SIP and IAX protocols support; dvert for SIP and IAX protocols;

- It is important to adjust your audio and video quality settings.

Personal use of this VoIp phone was a pleasure when I downloaded it free. Windows has a Zoiper browser. No one can beat it in my opinion. My Windows PC works with it. There are no restrictions on how you can use it on a Mac, Linus, iOs or Android device. Even though you won't have to provide another phone number, it makes us happy. An mputer or phone was all I needed. Internet access is included as well. has a VoIp service available. The website is up and running. Those relationships are so easy to maintain.
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