by WinX Software

An easy-to-Your Windows program can use File Compression & Encryption to encrypt your data.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WinX Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Archives may be created and edited with encryption using ZIPX. This is a well-organized graphical interface. A ZIP archive is created using the Toolbar ( several compression methods are supported, for example Deflate64, PPMD, BZip2, LZMA, or WavPack) and new files can be added to it as well.

It supports a variety of file formats (ZIP, ZIPX, 7ZIP, RAR, Tar, TGZ, ARC, etc. ). It is generally considered one of the greatest file formats of all time. There is also a list of all files included in the archive (any files larger than 4GB are supported), which is available upon opening the application. Separate and encrypt archives, add comments and convert data from ZIP files with this application.SFX format. Afterwards, hash files (MD5, SHA1 and CRC32) are generated from both the errors retrieved and the archives. Besides Shell integration and automatic collection of files by the program, the application also prints and distributes files and includes automatic document printing.

The underlying purpose of ZIPX is to provide improved compression and encryption capability as an archive management tool. This program is unique among others because of its ease of use, as well as its variety of supported formats.

- Multi-compression schemes (PPMd, BZip2, LZMA, WavPack, Deflate64) are supported.

- PKZip is supported for encryption, as is EDSEC, DES, Triple DES and RC2, RC4.

- A digital certificate encryption solution is supported; a).

- File extraction using WinZip encryption methods will improve.

- File translations over the Internet: UU Enc; oEncoding of files in UU Enc format for transmission over the Internet;

- Recovering damaged ZIP archives automatically;

- Creation of self-Files with existing ZIP records can be parsed as archive types (SFX). ZIP SFX can also be converted into regular ZIP archive types.

In ZipX, packages can be opened on users' desktops. Windows OS computers must be up-to-date for this program. Many people have been using ZipX, and it has been a huge success. Their assessment of the program will be determined when it is run. Consider utilizing the tool to detect online files so you can load them without unboxing them. This is common, and you may find the program useful.
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