by MicroSmarts

A simple tool that allows you to compress files to a very high degree

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MicroSmarts

Release: ZipItFree 2.30

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ZipItFree is an excellent little compression program that is functional, easy to use, and stress-free. Installation is as simple as a few clicks and it comes with a very helpful application. The device integrates fully with your Windows system once it is installed. By way of an interface, it may open and add files, or by right-clicking the program.When you click on a file in Windows, you can choose to zip it. In either case, the program is something learners should learn.

If you choose to go through the full program, you'll notice that the ZipItFree interface itself isn't the most modern or impressive. While that brings the program down slightly, it's clear that the developers chose to spend time developing the compression algorithm instead of making it visually fancy. That is a fair trade for me- I agree with Windows menus make it much easier to avoid seeing these ugly files.

They created a method called Black Hole to generate zip files based on it. Additionally, you are able to achieve very high compression ratios when using programs such as WinZip or WinRAR. Using black hole means that the decompressation time is compressed in a limited, easy sequence. Because of the efficiency to use that comes with using it, this program is fast and reliable.

ZipItFree uses ZipV2, which is the best archiving method available on the market. Your entire archives are sure to be accessible to only people who don't want to see them!!

Additionally, it lets you add comments to your archives so you or your friends would be able to quickly see what each archive contains without having to spend the time to decompress each individual archive!

As its name implies, ZipItFree is absolutely free. There is a requirement that Windows 7 or higher be installed. A truly worthwhile program, I found it to be a great acquisition.

ZipItFree 1.80 (4.14 MB)
ZipItFree 2.30 (4.51 MB)
Carrie Moore
It may not be at the top of the list of the prettiest applications, but ZipItFree works just fine. ZipItFree's black hole feature, which means I now have access to FileDrop, means I will be installing Winrar forever. I don't think there are any compression applications that are faster than it.
I have to compress a lot of files I need to submit to clients and colleagues alike on the job.Despite the fact that I work for many industries, finding good software has often proved a challenge. Small businesses turn to ZipItFree because they need it right away so being free is just the best thing about them. I love that it supports a variety of file types, which makes it perfect for me as well. It is quick and efficient!!
Riley Booth
ZipIt is a shareware program that makes files readable by multiple Mac systems by compressing them. Software must work well with PKZIP on MS, too.DOS machines. Using it is easier than with a computer because it has advanced features.Automated features were also available.
completely free, simple, and easy for you to use Windows xp/vista/server2008/7. There is a very aggressive installation process and all formats are not supported. A high level of encryption isn't sufficient. Its compression is both very secure and convenient. A wide range of formats can be supported and handled by the system.
Secondly, ZipFreeIt is totally free. Designed for Vista and Windows 7, this program does compresses, down to the smallest size possible, all over the document. This app seems incompatible with Mac devices, which is disappointing, but for Windows users, the possibilities are great. The advantages of this method include the ability to quickly compress and decrypt files. Getting ZipItFree comes in a very aggressive installation process which is not overly user- friendly.Maintain an understanding of technology to be successful.
You can use ZipItFree on a Windows computer system if the program is installed. Multiple formats can be supported by this program. Documents can be compressed effectively when this program is developed since it makes that easy to do. ARC, BH, BZIP, and so on. You might use this application if you are working with large files. It will not cost anything to install this application, which is free.
Program with lots of compression ratios and fast decompression, that actually saves a lot of time when manipulating files. ZipItFree is extremely secure, so I feel confident using it. For me, it is a great feeling to be able to still use Windows 7 and still run a program like this very smoothly.
There was no excitement with WinZip, so I switched to ZipItFree, where I was thrilled. It has so-My research has led me to conclude that black hole compression - a process that uses very high ratio rates - is the most efficient and effective method of compression technology around. There is very little clutter and clean UI and layout, and as many file formats as possible are handled well, in a fast manner.
Compressing files with ZipItFree is a free feature. Besides providing fast decompression, it also provides high compression ratios. There has been some concern that it might install aggressively and inadvertently install extra software, resulting in users having to uninstall it. I have not yet found an interface that is comparable to another compression program similar to this. As for the encryption algorithm, it provides enhanced protection for your sensitive data despite its very weak security.
Software users have always found ZipItFree to be an incredibly easy program. The software itself is free to download or use, no hidden charge permitted, but the software cannot be used with the latest operating systems as shown in its name. has more compression speed than any other compressing program, as well as having no interface, and it is technically compatible.
Files of high storage can be supressed or compressed using ZipItFree software, a winzip alternative to.
For zipping files using Windows system, this program has proven itself highly efficient. The file size when using another zipping tool is even lower. It also reduces the amount of compression and makes users more productive. Less effort and effort is consumed by users since the elapped conversion takes place faster and makes it possible to save time more efficiently.
Zip files can be compressed very quickly and economically while still being efficient. Installation of software is easy. Secure encryption. Files are divided into several types of file. Recommended for anyone.
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