zFTPServer Suite

by Västgöta-Data

FTP server software is easy to use and very robust.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Västgöta-Data

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The zFTP server is one of the most popular.performance server-The file transfer function requires end-processing software. The program supports both Windows (32-bit and 32-bit).bit and 64-bit ). You'll find it to have an easy-to-use administration interface that includes FTP and FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTPS secure web access.

Powerful, reliable, and easy on the wallet, you'll love it. Besides providing a flexible interface, ZFTPServer boasts convenient features like source folder selection, speed scheduling, security control and SSL/TLS configuration.

The server can be managed with a user login that is different from the initial one and a user logging restricted to exact operations in the system. Furthermore, a concurrent transfer task is available as well as a maxim transfer speed.

The process is quite simple rnificaton- You can easily real-Time observe specific windows with fresh colored logs and instantly determine where a certain activity is taking place. And it also has wonderful functions such as virtual file system, automatic update, remote maintenance, support upload balance, etc.

provides powerful and safe file transfer service on windows system

  • Virtual file system: As with any other installation, you can mount the hard disk or directories at the user or group level.
  • Automatic update: An automatic updating of the file occurs when the file has been detected.
  • Remote maintenance: In this scenario, the server and maintenance interface are separated, so it is easier to maintain your server remotely than it can be physically.
  • two-way authentication: extend the security outside your firewall from the company even with a heavy traffic
  • speed scheduler: Users are permitted to throttle upload and download speeds according to predefined rules (user amounts, time out limits, keep alive settings, etc.).
  • In order for it to run automatically, Windows has to operate as the service that it has installed upon startup.
  • ultra-fast speed transferring: An integrated world that is not limited to resource use.We offer up to 100 Mbps on up to 500 active users simultaneously.
  • multi-language interface: P. includes English, Chinese (P), Korean (P.) and Japanese (P.).R.In addition, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Czech republic, Spain, Russian Federation, Slovakia, and Portugal) make up European Cooperation (C and Taiwan).

As of now, ProVide is the name under which the drug is marketed.

Windows users looking for a managed file server should try zFTPServer Suite. You can administer it remotely and this handy server comes with various protocols for file transfer, including HTTPS, FTPS, and TFTP, without it ever being limited to HTTPS. It is wonderful that zFTPServer Suite has no need for manual identification since the directory authentication process itself is complete.
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