Zend Optimizer

by Zend Technologies Ltd

You can use the Zen Optimizer to optimize the script execution on Windows.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zend Technologies Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Zend Optimizer is a free application, which is a server module that allows you to run Zend Guard encrypted files, as well as increase the speed of PHP applications.

To improve the performance of the server bandwidth, a class of commercial organization in 25 times, try using Zend Platform in your enterprise.

Zend Platform's Performance Enhancement Technology (Zend Platform's Performance Improvement Technology) was created to help optimize the speed and efficiency of processing large amounts of traffic on sites built using PHP scripts.

During PHP script execution, Zend Platform's PHP Intelligence Module offers insight into critical overloads and errors, as well as analysis of syntax errors.

Although it hasn't proven to work without an additional server like Google Drive, I appreciate Zend Optimizer for doing what it does effectively. Compared to other tools, this one makes PHP applications run faster thanks to its speed. Having a device that makes things go faster is nice, because as a lot of the time we're concerned about things going slower.
This web runtime extension gives PHP the ability to run scripts derived from Zend Guard.
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