by Zello Inc

In addition to being push-powered, Zello is unique in its design.to-To facilitate the flow of meetings for a business unit, a push can be made to talk.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zello Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Zello is a rapidly growing IP telephony client available for both Windows and mobile operating systems. It lets you transform your phone into a listening device and into an control center for your PC via the computer control interface. Communicating with Zello is easy and enjoyable. You can send and receive instant text messages, edit your contact list, as well as create your own voice channels with the client, which has a minimalistic interface. If you need to talk about the latter, that is. In Zello, there is a virtual network of voice channels like a social network analogue. We provide this site so users can post any topics, share their views, and discuss the topics of their choice.

More than half a million contacts are listed on the most popular service channels. programs in one of two ways: they are regular clients or they operate in radio mode. If your speech is picked up by pressing a key during conversation with the person, they will hear the first part only.

- It offers high levels of speed and sound quality;.

- your own voice in your voice channels;

- multiplatform;

- nice user interface;

- You can send text messages using our service.

The family needs to know what is happening. However, I didn't have the ability to talk for hours without being charged insane fee. In order to cut it, my phone simply wouldn't do it. It didn't matter where I live anymore, I was happy to be able to run Zello on Windows. A push-to-The talk voice chat client allows you to talk for as long as you want while chatting with others. My telephone bills will no longer be outrageous to me! With this tool, I now don't have to run up the bill every time I take a call on my computer thanks to my microphone. Zello is available on Windows for free. This is going to change the face of people needing to say a lot.
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