by Zabbix LLC

A software aiding in monitoring any Windows server and other network components

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zabbix LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Zabbix is a powerful monitoring system for servers, network services and network equipment, designed for use in large and medium-sized enterprises. Data collected from the application includes information about network requests, traffic usage, changes in server load, as well as requests for service providers. We display all collected data in the form of visual diagrams and graphs that are automatically systematized and sorted, utilizing all the information collected. Zabbix has a convenient web interface and is a multi-platform solution. Unfortunately, only the client part of the system is available for Windows (the server component is only supported for OS X and Linux).A systems and a Mac OS).

As well as supplying the customer with other information, the customer is able to transmit CPU load, RAM usage, active processes, cooler speeds, system component temperatures, non-freezing of the system.It is possible to move large amounts of hard disk space. In addition, other databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SQLite can be monitored. A range of protocols are available to Zabbix, including HTTP, SMTP and SNMP implementations. Exporting the data to standard formats may be carried out with the help of regular tools.

In its distribution, the software was granted a licensing agreement under the GPL.Free and fully open source, e.g. As well as a simple graphical shell, which has minimal features, you will see the server and client parts of the system in the Zabbix archive.

- Monitoring the network, host, and database status on a monitor the network, host and database status;

- With Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases, you can do wonders.

- It is only available for Windows client edition; s only the client part is available;

- Is able to run programs on computers that are networked; is able to run external programs on hosts; is able to run external programs on hosts;

- SMTP and HTTP are both available for this service.

No other program compares to this in terms of performance and durability. My windows laptop runs the program quite well. has recommended it to friends and family. The software I already use is enough. I would not want to use any more. All in all, I'd highly recommend using it and it has proven to be a pleasure. It's also a good way to save money.
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