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A platform for writers to help organize their books

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Spacejock Software

Release: yWriter

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yWriter is a free software for authors and writers to help alleviate the stress of organization and chapter flow. In his view, no one has access to organizational or software tools they may need for improving book breakdown and chapter assignments when writing. This led Simon Haynes to create it. In this way, everything can be kept track of and organized, reducing frustration caused by organizing novels. You will not find creative or plot-line elements in this product. It allows them to work with their artistic juices without taking into account the organization aspect. The program specifically focuses on scenes in which a consistent flow of information can be established for a conclusion. Writing about this is regarded as one of the most difficult parts. Imagine keeping track of the different scenes that are involved in a 100,000-square-foot home.word story. It's nearly impossible! With yWriter, you can better create original content and generate a book with the professional flow, organization, and style, all made possible by yWriter. yWriter can help you write the next trilogy of new York Times bestsellers, or just get started with the fantasy adventure that you have created.

Allows for notes, chapters, and all sorts of organizational features to aid in writing flow

  • MacOS, iOS, and Android OS compatible
  • Allows you to organize your novel by designating it as a project
  • You can add chapters and scenes to the project.
  • Assign scenes, characters, items, and locations
  • Displays word count of the project and the entire story
  • Tracks your progress by saving your work daily
  • Saves automatic backups, so you never have to worry about losing your masterpiece
  • Can assign multiple scenes to a chapter
  • Can designate character viewpoint, goal, conflict, and outcome fields for every scene
  • Have several characters per scene
  • Visualize your work through storyboard viewing feature
  • Rearrange and reorder scenes as you desire
  • Drag and drop features for uploaded characters, locations, items, chapters, scenes, etc.
  • Automatic numbering for chapters
  • The possibilities are endless!!
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Author and programmer Simon Haynes developed yWriter for Windows, a free program that Organizes your Novel into Scenes, Chapters, and Subchapters. The software lets you to organize your novel into scenes, chapters, and sections while writing it. In order to create a great novel, a series of scenes is necessary since ultimately an author wants a book that has a large number of scenes, smaller and more managable. So, it doesn't have a tool for developing characters or plotlines for writers. As Haynes suggests, you can download the software for free, but if you would like to help him continue development and support, you would be most welcome to make a one-time donation.
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