by Pen Drive Linux

YUMI can be used to create a Multiboot Bootable USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pen Drive Linux

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Creating a multiboot USB drive has become quite easy with the advent of YUMI. You can see why the utility is called one: Multiboot Install using the Universal Multiboot Installer. You can install it using any universal multiboot installer. Thanks to YUMI, the user will be able to place up to several operating systems, antivirus programs, diagnostic tools and system utilities on a flash drive. All this distribution is automatically placed in the folder Multiboot folder (except for a few files), which is important - later on, such a flash drive can be used for other purposes, including saving non-YUMI files.

Several steps must be followed to install a bootable USB disc. first thing the user does is run it.Following the instructions on the monitor, install the.exe file. Having restarted the program, it should be able to add the necessary distributions to the flash card. Next, you need to set the PC's startup properties to run USB. After the user selects the distribution he or she will begin working.

- Multiboot drives pose a limited problem in the creation process.

- Operating the program similarly to Universal USB Installer.

- Boot disk can be modified so that the ISO file can be included;

- Multiboot USB disk contents, as well as the distributions you assign to the unit.

YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.75 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
YUMI (1.76 MB)
It would not do any good to use this product. I'm having a problem with this software that combines different OS files onto a USB drive. But isn't that why there's another program called this one? Yeah, don't worry. seems unnecessary.
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