Yet Another Cleaner

A full-This security utility can remove malware from your computer.

Operating system: Windows

Release: Yet Another Cleaner 6.7.141

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Yet Another Cleaner is a full-This security utility can remove malware from your computer.. You should also ensure that your local drives are infected with viruses that are designed to run through your web browser. Yet Another Cleaner is a comprehensive one-This is a freeware anti-malware tool that works on all Microsoft Windows 32-bit versions.both bits and ave and Windows 64-The operating system provides the same functionality as the operating system with no restriction.


  • Free tool
  • One-stop tool for both hard drives and web browsers
  • Free up extra hard disk space
  • RAM usage monitoring
  • Flexible cleaning options
  • Plugin-in organizer

Yet Another Cleaner will bring the user the pleasure of good old days of browsing the internet without having to encounter and be bothered by unwanted toolbars, advertisements, landing pages, etc. It will also find and remove all the web browser extensions that were installed on the user’s computer without the user’s permission and knowledge with a simple cleaning program.

The scan removes both locally installed and from web browsers simultaneously.

There are many different kinds of malware and viruses that Another Cleaner removes. A lot of files will also be saved as backup as well as temporary files. Additionally, users will be able to save more disk space for their most important tasks. By doing so, you are also removing from your temporary disk space old cookies, which may result in them causing problems down the road.

Yet Another Cleaner, in addition to all of this, has a RAM usage monitor which is extremely helpful in determining how much RAM is being consumed at any given time and which applications are running. Upon installation, the program creates a floating icon that sits atop all applications and allows the user to see how much RAM is being used.

Yet Another Cleaner is not only useful as a security tool, but can also be useful as a platform for organizing, enabling, and disabling different plugins as easily as a single button.

Yet Another Cleaner comes with a very intuitive User Interface that lets you operate the application at ease with very clear labeling and color contrast.

In short, Yet Another Cleaner is your one-We can stop the solution for your computer.

Users can choose from three cleaning options, yet another cleaner user three options for cleaning. It's best to do one before users are concerned that their time may be wasted getting started. The second scan is only intended for users with plenty of time and who want to have more thorough computer scans.

Erin Sing
Yet Another Cleaner scans your computer for viruses and malware. By installing this application, you can keep your computer free of unwanted software, websites, and advertisements during online browsing. With this program, you can keep your computer and its data secure.
The scanning and cleaning of a computer by this software is unparalleled. A great deal of malware can be removed from it in an easy way. This company offers a wide range of services and clearly addresses a crucial need. Anyone who wishes to clear out their computers would benefit greatly from this idea.
Finlay Mchale
Windows' Best Cleaner Yet Is an Anti-Aging Program.Virus software program. Virus free and malware, you can use this system to remove it, search for and remove viruses if they find a way to get to it. As a first priority, not my choice for anti- ve my first choice of anti-Nevertheless, there's no way I could ever suspect anything. Since it is free to download, I will be able to save a little more money when I am shopping for presents later in the year while out and about.
Windows users will find many useful features in Yet Another Cleaner. In addition to cleaning unused files, it can be used for speeding up my computer. The system's memory and cookies are both cleaned up. Application uninstalls and block advertisements are among the capabilities of the cleaner. Also, it has a convenient software program that is easy to use. There is a free download available for all software users.
Keeping our computer fast and clean requires this program; its features are wide-ranging in order to clean our history, to hide temporary files and to keep our computer cleaner, fast and secure. Besides removing annoying ad windows and installing third-party programs, you can use it in multiple browsers,
The antivirus scanner makes storage function faster by granting security to the server and allowing it to do so effectively. We also get rid of the threads permanently by removing them first. Another thread that has become unstable can now be removed and the thread can be notified to your system view.
Yet Another Cleaner is more than just an old lady. This application will remove malware from your hard drive and destroy any viruses that have resulted from virus that may have been embedded in your computer while you have been using it. has some similarity to CCleaner, however it has its own way. There is also the option to automatically remove browser plugins, as well as the annoying start pages and toolbar add-ons, plus one last plus, Another Cleaner is specifically for Windows.
Using YAC eliminates viruses that attack laptops and PCs in only minutes. It even blocks harmful plugins you may encounter over the internet and helps prevent infections from entering your laptop and PC. All of this is free and well worth the effort. Yet Another Cleaner for Windows is recommended by my friends at PC Magazine.
You can use this program if your computer is infected with malware. This could be an interesting product to try. In my case, I've personally used this program and am pleased to report that it has made my computer more fluid. The program and the settings it provides make it a pleasure to use. If I had to rate this program 4 stars, I believe it to be of the best quality I have ever heard. It is a case of a controversial plea to fix other people's PCs using this software.
A program called the Malware Eraser claims to remove malware from your computer in under 10 minutes and to do it quickly. In some ways, it is similar to other malware.removing tools. Yet Another Cleaner for Windows, which used the same hardware as Yet Other Cleaner, was stolen from a third party, according to the other company testing it. Yet another instance of an OPSWAT certificate being removed was reported by another window cleaner. To be clear, I am not recommending any use of this software.
In Yet Another Cleaner for Windows, you can remove any viruses or malware that threaten to infect your computer with malicious software. The free version of this application makes it extremely useful in removing various types of viruses and malware, both personally and professionally. Additionally, a portion of the hard drive of your computer can be occupied with the application. Several options can also be determined by the application.
Another Cleaner or YAC is one of the most efficient antivirus and hard drive cleaners currently on the market. has effectively removed junk files while simplifying its hard drive, in addition to preventing new malware from entering. The live protection has been updated for new functionality. It is equally effective to perform a quick scan ll scan is equally as effective as the full scan.Due to its ease of use and the free version, I have absolutely no need for any more. My laptop has been protected from virus infection by YAC at a comparable level to other more popular and expensive antivirus and cleaners. Though I'm not sure how effective it can be against ransomware, it ought to work, even if I'm not certain.
This app doesn't just mop up windows; it offers many other tasks as well. Cleaning your PC isn't hard to do with this app, which has many great tools to assist you. Your toolbars are removed from this app so that you can stay out of their way. Also, it removes files you don't need so that you don't waste time on them. has an understanding of what you use and what you don't, so it can clean up.
It's another clean one, yet it's so much better at removing all the malware from your personal computer. By using this feature, you can delete all kinds of viruses from your computer.You can take further steps to protect your computer from harmful viruses with this software yet again. Lastly, it takes the junk files and gets rid of them. Another cleaner like this helps you swallow supplements as well. THE SPACES FOR THIS TO CONTROL ARE TO FREE UP, WHICH IS YESTERDAY.
Yet Another Cleaner For Windows cleans things up when we first get a cell phone or a PC, like when a hacker uses a malware to do this. In this way, you can get rid of all of that, as well as free up space on your hard drive. It can also prevent viruses and advertisements from getting onto your computer. Our FREE security systems offer protection to your computer from threats and trouble.
Yet Another Cleaner for Windows is a free and universal program for keeping one's PC clean and safe. The program will free your computer from viruses and other contaminated or dangerous files. There is, for instance, browser hijacking protection and plug-in protection, but these are all included in the software.Ins are viruses of various types. Malwares are also infectible types. In particular, this software will help you maintain and protect the personal information on your computer.
Users of this software clean their personal computers using this application. By using this software, you can help to preserve the time it takes for your browsing while also cleaning and cleaning the temporary files in the computer. Does it have to be a user - you might need to do it.Computer users should feel free to use this software.A key purpose of this program is to ensure the stability of the system, speed up the browser, secure your files, folders, and all of these features. If you have sensitive documents and data, you may benefit from it. The feature of these software is the ability to scan system-wide viruses and bug files within seconds. With the help of this software, you can perform automatic cleaning tasks. Anti-virus software designed to wipe all malware from an individual's computer.
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