by kurtnoise

YAMB is a GUI for windows, create, split, join, multiplex, demultiplex MP4 files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: kurtnoise

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Yamb is a special extension aimed at improving the convenience of working with the MP4Box application, whose graphical interface can be said to be absent (it is a regular command line). That is, Yamb itself does not perform any operations with files, but only allows you to clearly define the parameters of mixing, source and output files and other parameters of the source files in MP4Box. The two programs would work together if necessary for work with comfort.

Additionally, MP4 videos can be split into several parts by utilizing this software. You may also use it to create and integrate several MP4 files by splitting a video into several parts. The program can also be linked to another program so that it can use multiple media streams and subtitles. Please install both programs in the same directory, click the yamb connection key, and you're able to use the program right away.exe.

- This utility provides a convenient interface that is easy to use;

- The ability to create a complete video and audio file; The ability to access multiple multimedia streams, regardless of how they are contained; the ability of using multiple databases (to search for information).

- avi container, extracting the video for RAW format and then saving o extract video from avi container, saving it in binary RAW format;

- Cutting and connecting multiple mp4 parts is possible.

- Screenshot of Russian version.

With the added functionality of Yamb, mp4Box is usable at its best. The feature of Yamb makes editing mp4 files as easy as using a simple shortcut and doesn't rely on existing command utilities. How much time, y to does it all for you! mp4Box can be improved with this great free program.
I really appreciate the capabilities of this software. It seems impossible to have a lot of time for my passion -- I am an engineering student and am just about to graduate from school. I use this software to make my entire process easier, and I will definitely recommend it even more.
A lot of MP4 files I want to split or combine happen to be there. In the interest of getting that information, I started searching online. Microsoft has Yamb as a GUI, which is available for Windows on their website. When I download the software, it allows me to create new files, split them and then join them. The program even supports subtitles and chapters at times. Using it provided all the materials I had in mind for creating video projects. This is a powerful GUI in a small package. As a result, the day is less busy and I can go for more relaxing hours.
The Yamb is quite attractive to me. This software is intuitive, easy to use, and does what I need in the best way possible. Videos can be split and joined mostly with this tool. Subtitles can also be played with this software. This software will finish your task in exactly the way you need it and is not complicated if you need something basic that will finish your task perfectly. There's no need to learn the manual since it has an easy-to-use interface.
You can buy the yamb application if you have limited storage requirements.has great speed and a very simple installation for Windows 98. More than just what is needed to run the software. In addition, it has a greater detection of internal files. I will be able to learn more about my files thanks to this email. Among its many uses are mp3 files. You can browse audio files as well.
Using mp4 files while using this program is essential. Yamb makes the process seamless and straightforward, and it is the simplest and quickest in the business. This program makes it really easy to work with a large file set at once, as well as quickly processing the data. When compared to my previous file joining software I have tried, this one is easy to use and intuitive, ensuring a smooth learning curve, as well as ease of access.
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