by yakyak

you can use to stay in touch with friends and family, just like Google Hangouts.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: yakyak

Release: YakYak 1.5.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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YakYak is similar to Google Hangouts, with a few exceptions. Since it's a desktop application, you'll be able to use Chrome without a problem. In addition to a dark mode, it has several other color schemes. You can also send desktop notifications. On the other hand, there's no need to install any browser; just use it to get to Google hangouts.


  • Because this app is a desktop application, you won't need Google Chrome if you don't like the browser at your house. When Chrome doesn't support your computer, I don't think this is a good deal either.
  • Adding a little more fun to the application is the color schemes. Your skin can be covered in dark or some color or you can change its color, too.
  • YakYak has customer support in 21 languages and also has the option to translate. You can also download the program in your native language if you aren't proficient in English.
  • Communication options are available in it. Using chat messaging, you will be able to send and receive messages. Another convenient feature is the ability to view the person being talked to via video or audio.

If YakYak isn't running on your computer or your browser doesn't support Chrome, as an alternative if you find out I'm not a fan of Chrome and want a form of Google Hangouts. Plus, it doesn't provide extra features if I'm not going

The YakYak option works well whether your operating system doesn't support Chrome or you prefer not to run Chrome.

Windows, Mac, and Linux are all compatible OSes with YakYak. A Node has to be part of some project.In an application with JavaScript, as a JIT, js are created automatically so that the server can run without the browser.

This has been the most experience I've ever had on Yak Yak, and I can tell right away that it's easy and it is very easy to navigate and pull all the information I need in record timing so anything that is urgent should be done right away and at a very quick
wonderful program that can help you get started. My family and friends can chat with me via it. coworkers is great, too, for sure! You'll find it to be very enjoyable to use. This tool is integrated into the existing Microsoft Office program right away. Multi-activity can even be achieved by creating multi-tabs.user conversations too! If I say so, I can assure you that you will never regret using YakYak.
For Google Apps users, YakYak provides a good application software solution. The goal of this program is to help users communicate with and hangout with people in Google contacts and Google hangouts. Several different contact numbers and important messages sent from different mobile devices can be categorized and normalizing with the help of this application software. In Windows Operating Systems, this program is integrated. There is a free and a paid version of this application software tool.
Using YakYak for Windows will allow you to search Google contacts while interacting with other applications. I've been looking for it for weeks now. It was recommended by one of my friends who was also taking the class. I think this is a perfect opportunity for you to download it for free. After installing YakYak, I am able to use Google hangout on my desktop. It shows the number of contacts I have and the number of conversations I am having. Super cool.
Windows can be used to install YakYak, a chat program. It is known that YakYak is one of the top tools because it works on the same intuitive interface as its many other features. Start working with the program on a Windows computer very easily and quickly. After installation, the application will run correctly. There are many potential users who will meet along online as well, thanks to the program being reliable and providing plenty of connection possibilities.
YOTAKKY IS A SHOULDER FOR OLDER THAN 2 MONTHS.FRIENDLY CHATTING SOFTWARE. A person or a large number of people can be contacted with it. ZONE CHAT INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA ANGEL OF VIDEO. SOFTWARE THAT'S AS GOOD AS THIS IS MADE FOR YOUR USE. CONVERSATION DOES NOT BE ONE-MEN ONLY. IT HAS THE Option OF ATTENDING CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHERS.There is also the option to create a group for this group. There are numerous features in this YAAKKY software that allow upload photos, videos, or other multiple media files.
You should definitely think of YakYak if you are seeking a simple way to connect with family and friends. As a result, I love to communicate directly in the conversation with more than one person and share various media, including photos and videos, with the other people within the chain through YakYak. In fact, this tool makes it much easier to stay in contact with each of the people around me personally.
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