Y'z Dock

by Trend Media Corporation Limited

An attractive program luncher which resembles MacOS X Dock

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Trend Media Corporation Limited

Release: Y'z Dock 0.8.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Y'z Dock for Windows can be likened to other similar operating systems with features such as attractive looks. Y'z Dock is characterized by its intuitive features. Users benefit from Mac OS X features and lightweight design on PC systems using it. It enables users to perform the task quickly with high accuracy and a unique display at lightning speed, making it more appealing than other mobile apps. Its customized menu consists of all the possible variables to select from. There is also a list of program behaviors, efficiency, and position variables. A full-sized film.The ease of using PCs with time allowances is an advantage. Those who enjoy a sense of Mac OS X characteristics would enjoy using the Y'z Dock. A superb display, optimal performance, and a full range of user-friendly features are present.

In particular, a simple move from the dock area to the explorer's list of bookmarks or to the dock's list of bookmarks can simply be performed in the dock area dragging and dropping the file (from the dock area in any format such as exe, just for example). Choose the PNG files as symbols in the icons folder. Make a right at the end.Choose "property" on the dock and click on the icons to be used for the image. There is no right without a right.You can modify the dock itself by selecting "setting," by clicking at any docking bay position on the deck or selecting "Any spot in the background.". It will take some time for the trash bin and clock to be executed. You can choose from several types of customization, including selecting desktop themes and loading icons of software in any color. Docks grow in size according to their docks size; they arrange the objects like wish for movement rather than simply horizontal lineations. Windows users can enjoy this multifunctional desktop tool because it supports all supported Windows versions simultaneously. A beginner may use it easily. Y'z Dock for Windows provides the following features.


It is available for millions of cumputer users globally
  • File and software grouping on the desktop with respect to the Dock intuitive features
  • creation of shortcuts by keyboard customization to execute files
  • capability to run on Windows versions
  • Ability to add files easily to the dock by simple drag and drop the task
  • Ability to design and personalize a dock's interface by selecting custom features such as icons, color, arranging of files in a convenient way, and also background
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