A plugin for your browser that allows you to download videos from your favorite websites

Operating system: Windows


Release: xVideoServiceThief 2.5.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With this Chrome extension, you are able to download videos from your favorite websites embedded with video in several formats. There are so many formats for converting videos for viewing. A user-friendly interface distinguishes it from other similarly priced products.friendly visual interface that makes navigation seamlessly intuitive. Plus, with powerful filtering mechanism, you can block out unfavorable contents of your choice.


  • There are many different types of formats supported: Video can be downloaded by dragging your mouse over it and right clicking. Convert this to the following formats to make them the most popular. There are approximately 100 websites that support it, among themvimeo, vidya, m4, 3GP, h.264, and h MP4, 3GP, WMV, etc. It is supported on about 100 websites including the most popular ones like Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Even lesser known sites can be made to work, though you will have to keep it in mind.
  • Filtering Capabilities: This program, unlike most others, allows you to block what you prefer. There is no need to install parental control software.
  • Was that the only thing we said ble it's free? Yes! xVideoServiceThief is available on many open sourced platforms on the web, including Sourceforge and cNet.
  • Implementing Open Source and Alteraion: e implementation and Alteraion: Please download and peruse it if you would like to find out how things work with core code and are easily fascinated by computers. There are both online communities dedicated to customizations and on-line discussion forums.

Your browser may be able to help you with video downloader. Choose between saving videos locally on your computer or uploading them to your device. This eliminates the need for a streaming service which is inconvenient and consumes data during times of need. With xVideoServiceThief, you can easily extract the videos you love and with its sleek design and user centric emphasis, downloading your favorite videos has never been easier!

With its easy to point and click interface, this application is very user friendly.

The version of this program that is available for Windows only. Other operating systems have their own versions.

When posting videos to your website, you may have problems depending on the copyright status of those videos.

You have a built-in block option on the product that allows you to filter unfavorable content. Various formats such as mp3 and mp4 are available. Families can use the content that has the perfect family connotation. It can be downloaded for free with a number of platforms to choose from. This program will allow you to save your favorite content on your computer.
aha!. A perfect solution for what I needed. There are too many video grabbers out there that fail to work properly. If you choose this one, you will get results. The downloads are quick and easy. It offers a huge variety of file formats for download. There is nothing else I need.
Callum Deaton
xVideoServiceThief is software designed for Windows computers, which allows users to download videos online from various Internet website options in many different formats. Examples of this are YouTube and Google videos. Additionally, there is free download version available.
For Windows users, xVideoServiceThifee makes it a breeze to protect their devices and manage their files, with the option of detecting harmful malware or insecure files.
It combines best-loved video from the best-recommended web pages to show viewers when viewed using xVideoServiceThief. As an example of an excellent site, Yahoo appears to have a great deal of traffic. A user is able to watch 70 web videos using the software. Folders can easily be copied at the same time. Then they can be converted into music files, such as MP3. By extension, you can pause ctivities as well. The fourth and final useful tool is xVideo ServiceThiew for Windows, since it prevents children from viewing inappropriate online content on websites. Source: https://www.zwodnik.com/software/windows/xvideoservicethief/
As a result of looking around at the software, I was left with an impression that there was considerable sketchy data and fraudulent content. Having said that, I feel that you should emphasize youtube videos more on this tool since that is what most users will use it for. It appears to be fairly concise and easy to understand.
This service facilitates content translation, allows upload files to popular video streaming sites like MTV, and even comes in formats that are compatible with mobile devices. Several video websites commonly require the X video to be part of their content. A Google Chromecast and YouTube Fulfilled S Sabotage are part of this X-Video Service. Video chat was carried over multiple formats at these X services. THE MANAGER CAN RUN DOWNLOAD ABLE SWITCHES OF VIDEOS OR MUSIC IN ONE CANNON TO USE FOR ONLY 5 TO STREAM OF THE WEB WITH THE GREAT ADVANTAGE of downloading over 5000 pages. I MARCH TO RECOMMEND IT AND IT IS UNCONTROVERTIBLE. A SERVICE TO ENJOY X Video services at MAX THE Internet Manila. The video that you'd like to access can be retrieved in a relatively quick and easy manner via the X service technology.
When downloading online videos from sites, you should also rely on xVideoServiceThief for Windows if you want to take advantage of their intuitive and easy-to-use features. Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously with this program, making it different from others. Using these interruptions is an effective way of avoiding distractions so that its downloads continue smoothly.
My search for the best and greatest clip-art downloads led me to ve Software to download the best and my favorite video clips. Windows uses xVideoServiceThief as its video service provider. You can use it in such a simple manner. The single software I will need enables me to open different kinds of web pages, egoogle, and yahoo. By downloading files in one go, I can solve numerous problems. In addition, my kids are protected from pornography as a result of the law.
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