A high-quality Hex editing software that allows you to view and modify any file in hexadecimal format.

Operating system: Windows

Release: XVI32 2.51

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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XVI32 is one of the best Hex editors on the market. While it is easiest to begin using hex editors, there is a steep learning curve involved for most users. XVI32 is not as complicated as other editors since menus assist the process. While it does take a little getting used to, you will figure out things in minutes rather than hours. Unlike most editors, XVI32can handle huge files and has automated features, which saves a lot of time.


  • Can work with files up to 2GB
  • No Installation Required
  • Easy Overwriting
  • Free to use

XVI32 is, without a doubt, the best free hex editor available on the internet today. Some of the program's features have appeared in popular books such as "The Hackers Guide", among others. Moreover, Microsoft workers say that they use XVI32 by habit as well. In terms of everyday work, XVI32 is almost flawless as far as I'm concerned, but it shines over automatic features that enable a shorter run-time, which would make life easier for the user. Moreover, it supports files up to two times the size. There is a good chance that most editors will crash trying to load up files as small as 60 megabytes (if you consider this).

During the translation of words to letters in XVI32, the software provides a powerful conversion of text to bitmap characters.

Furthermore, XVI32 is totally free to use, so the idea of relying on any other hex editor doesn't apply. It is impossible for even the most popular paid options to match XVI32. If you have an interest in computing and gaming, then you should try the tools in this editor. I can tell you with certainty that casual users of XVI32 never use the program. You can count on XVI32 to be a reliable hex editor that can withstand the test of time for as long as possible.

Sheila Holt
you can't find your own program, which is easy to use and very easy to learn, try one of the free software tools. xv132 is exactly what you need in a new hex writer right here. This program will take up no additional work on your computer, even if you download it in a few minutes and install it for free. The fact that it’s both powerful and free has made it so popular; some of the most renowned computer magazines, like PC World, have featured it I almost feel like it's perfect. It overwrites and continues to overwrite unwanted items as long as you have it.
For those of you with a frequent need to open text files for work, this app is one of the best free alternatives. The program is so simple to use, as well as the ability to replace text in the program. There is no problem with larger file sizes using this program.
Sam Dudek
This Windows program can edit symbols by using XVI32, a hex editor. This is one of the keys to many developers' success, meaning that many may use it permanently. It is neither useful nor helpful to the average user, however.
Beginners getting their first exposure to the Hex editors can be a bit spooky when they start out with their first attempts, and XVI32 is more easily accessible to beginners. It runs on most USB sticks even without having to be set up and you can literally run it from there. An easy to use application for converting text into hex strings, as well as a quick search for both directions, runs. In addition, it has a free version that works just as well as any other program, even Microsoft's, even if it does not meet all of its objectives.
Zip files like this one are extremely hard to come by. As far as I am concerned, I found XV132's Windows edition to be the perfect type of hex editor. Did you get to see this book? I was not able to find it. When I stumbled on a web page that offered a free download, I installed it quickly to test its performance. I can't imagine a better tool to edit hexadecimals than this. There's no confusion about the interfaces; you can debug files quickly and save considerable time using them. It's by far the most flexible and versatile tool currently on the market that I've seen.
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