by Mozilla Developer Network

A packaged version of the Mozilla platform to enable standalone desktop application development

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mozilla Developer Network

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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XULRunner is a free platform for running components for Firefox and Thunderbird, designed for XUL XPCOM application developers and, in fact, is an analogue of COM from Microsoft. XULRunner helps you get rid of a huge number of conditional compilation directives when creating Gecko applications. Several "stand-alone" programs were created in this environment as well. Musicians: Musicbee, Rhythm Heart, Music Bee Mini/Multi, and Sonicbird Plus. Instantbird Player: Instantbird IM client, Conkeror Player.It has also launched eMusicRemote digital music purchase tools, as well as numerous other digital music resources. Networks access modules are implemented in a few programmes using XULRunner technology. By using libxul, a component of Firefox, developers can customize their own products to utilize some of Mozilla's technologies.

This program was originally developed to "ground" Mozilla toolbars and other software components. The graphical shell for XULRunner does not exist on its own. A basic list of commands and options can then be used to launch the platform.

Using the application, you can create a wide range of applications and add ons in a simple manner, much like an app that would require a much harder tool otherwise.
As a result, this product seemed to be able to accomplish many more tasks than would otherwise require a lot of effort and time.
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