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Play your favorite games with a controller that only allow keyboard and mouse input

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: xpadder

Release: Xpadder 5.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Xpadder allows you to play your computer games with your favorite controller that only allow keyboard and mouse input. Xpadder acts as an interface between your controller and keyboard input, mapping each button press to a keyboard key, allowing the video game to be played. Since Xpadder was released a decade ago, it has been downloaded more than four million times.


  • Map controller buttons to keyboard keys
  • Map mouse movement to controller sticks
  • Input combinations, toggles, sequences, triggers
  • Features support for multiple controllers
  • Software upgrades for life

Xpadder detects all modern controllers and allows you to individually map each button to a keyboard press or a movement of the mouse. Each of these controllers requires a specific Xpadder profile. There is an ease of customizable setting up and an easy click of select buttons.down menu. software presents you a preview of precisely how your controller is configuring, allowing the user to quickly adjust the settings and see how they will be used. Some gaming software options from Xpadder include different controllers you can unlock, such as the inverting controller axes, which facilitates eight movement speeds at once.With direction-canceling the stick dead zone for more precisely aiming and axis prioritization, you can also make it an automatic system.

Enjoy playing your favorite games as you normally would.

Furthermore, Xpadder lets you configure settings for your specific game depending upon your gamer demographic. In order to start your game properly, you can check your configuration with this software. In Windows 10 and 8 versions, Xpadder runs.With its support for games dating back to the millennium, it is currently compatible with Windows 1, 8, 7, and Vista. As a result of the support for XInput and DirectInput, all gaming controllers on the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, 8BitDo, and even generic Bluetooth controllers can use this software.

Xpadder 5.7 (0.43 MB)
Xpadder 2007.08 (0.43 MB)
Xpadder is something every gamer could use to make their gaming more enjoyable and more convenient. Xpadder allows you to use your favorite controller while playing computer games that usually would require mouse and keyboard only. Allowing this could help gamers have better aim and stability in certain games that a keyboard or mouse just simply wouldn't allow. Xpadder is a product that I am truly interested in for my boys who are always playing games on the xbox. I know they would love to be able to use their controllers to play computer games as well, with something they are already familiar with.
Xpadder is used as a gamepad for Xbox or Playstation. It is beginner-friendly as well. A gamepad is used for someone playing a console game on a PC.
Lucas Ulrich
This one is for all the gamers out there. It emulates your keyboard and mouse with a game controller. Using this feature, you can easily attach a controller to your PC and play any PC game, even if it doesn't support a controller. You can easily download Xpadder for free and install this app on a Windows PC. I really like it and definetely recomend
This emulator is really recommended for people like me that enjoy playing on consoles and gaming controllers, more than on a keyboard and mouse. There are a lot of PC games that can't be played with a controller, but this can be fixed using Xpadder, because with it you can now map certain keys or mouse clicks onto various buttons on a chosen controller. I use this all the time as I have a preference for gaming controllers, and you can even use it to remap functions for games that do support controllers as well.
I used this to increase the speed and efficiency of my pc keyboard as it simulate the keyboard and mouse movement. This tool is awesome for web browser, mp3 mp4 player etc.. Also it is a free software. I used to play games as it support controller. I recommend it to everyone.
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