by Eric L. Barrett

Convert DirectInput APIs to Xinput for the compatibility of old and new game controllers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Eric L. Barrett

Release: XOutput 0.11

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The purpose of Xoutput, a tool specifically designed for converting DirectInput APIs to Xinput, is to allow users to enjoy their current games and the ones left with their old Atari, Gamepad, or other similar peripheral device.


  • It supports Xbox controller emulation
  • It supports Axis, button, slider, dpad support
  • It supports ViGEm and SCPToolkit compatibility
  • It supports Multiple languages
  • It supports Windows operating system
  • It affords compatibility and supports old game controllers such as gamepad, wheel, joystick, etc.
  • It manages the configuration of old and new devices without mapping

Specifically for game players that have old game controllers, but are unable to locate or acquire compatibility with the current new games, with the aid of Xoutput they can now make use of these controllers. Due to Microsoft's decision to switch from DirectInput to XInput on the controller APIs, the controller APIs became static. In addition, both types of APIs have coexisted by consensus for quite some time; at least when Xoutput was released, both of them would not be compatible with most video games.

A second output allows old games to remain on the shelves, while a third output can make old controllers compatible with new games.

Also, since XInput is the new standard game controller input in Windows, and DirectInput is no longer supported by Universal Windows Platform software, and DirectInput can no longer directly be used, users should use the DirectInput Device Client application. In spite of what may seem to be a step backward in development, XInput can be easier to design and use on dedicated devices. It often is difficult, however, for it to make a good distinction between old and new since both lack special elements. Although users embraced the latest API for specialized controllers fairly readily, a significant number had not made the switch.

Ian Shaw
Xoutput is a must-have for power gamers like me. It's a handy software tool for managing all your hardware emulation, and it's saved me from having to go and buy a new controller just to play the new Call of Duty on my PC.
anti micro is a graphical program that is used to map the function of the applicable controls from peripheral or other compatible controlling devices. this allows you the user to decide what kind of accessibility and game control they are most comfortable with.while this is a compatible part of the compatible operating systems, it can work in tandem with other application.
Jesse S.
The main idea behind the software is that DirectInput can be converted to XInput. That enables many gaming controllers to be used with the modern PC games. The Xbox controllers are a great test subject for the Xoutput program. That program is easily and quickly installed, making it preferred among a lot of game players today. The Xoutput is a software program that will allow people to play games that they want to try. The installation phase is easy to finish for all those interested in that option. The software will quickly update and improve game playability for many new people. The Xoutput software program has been updated over the years. Be sure to check for frequent updates that are being provided today. That adds to the functionality of the Xoutput software program. The project has all of the potential people need. The program is free to try for all interested.
Calum Grimm
It is kind of annoying how fast technology can change because previous consoles you use start to have issues within a year or less. This really helps with allows your old controllers work for online gaming without much issue at all. This has probably saved me hundreds over the past year.
XOutput is a simple application that enables you to use DirectInput control mapping in games that only support XInput. The configuration is quite simple and easy. The wrapper is compatible with ViGEm and SCPToolkit, and has multiple languages available. It's being continuously worked on by csutorasa, and the source code in C# and available open-source through the MIT License on GitHub.
There is nothing worse than having an amazing PC game that you would love to use your Xbox 360 console controller for, but you cannot because its output is incompatible. It happened to me with a PC flight simulator recently. XOutput for Windows is a free program that sorts this problem out. Once installed, it changes the DirectInput data of the Xbox 360 controller to XInput data and you can use it on all those PC games for which you prefer your Xbox 360 controller.
Xoutput is the easiest way to use your Xbox 360 controller for your PC games. it was never this easy before all you have to do is plugin your controller and play after installation of this software. the best part is that it is compatible with the newest operating systems as well. This is the best and the cheapest way to use your Xbox 360 controller. If you're gamer and have Xbox 360 controller you have to do get this software.
XOutput allows those with Xbox 360 controllers the ability to use newer gaming systems by converting DirectInput into XInput, thereby gaining access to the Universal Windows Platform. All that is required for this extremely helpful tool is to download and everything should be synced and ready for use. It is smart, smooth and something that will serve users well. Download today!
xoutput is a software which can convert direct input to xinput.this input is used in the xbox as a xbox controller.it is also a new standard game controller.some features of xoutput for the windows software are as follows *xbox controller emulation *axis button slider dpad support *multi language support
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