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Windows servers that can communicate with an intranet are known as email servers.

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XMail & mdash; Small cross-shaped cross is used to convey various messages.A platform mail server that is accessible both locally and globally. The company's primary capabilities include multi-purpose.Domain (such as virtual or anti-virus).The feature is designed to fight spam, providing virtual user support, and providing customization filters. As well as using SMTP for sending mail, POP3 is another means of receiving it, with a number of external mail servers being possible in case of necessary use.

The server supports add-ons that allow you to extend the functionality (XMail Tools are called XMail Tools by the extension developer), among the most popular ones: SpamAssassin - - Web Frontend is an anti-spam tool. The function of the web for managing servers.For example, how and AV and filters are used in email. A spam filter and anti-virus program.

First-time users who haven't yet come with the usage of an operating system might be surprised to find XMail's nontrivial problem difficult and requires serious acquaintance with the documentation. All users of a base complete set of features should carry out management through either configuration files or command files Those interested in developing this program may search for source code from their site.

- These server configurations include both an ESMTP/SMTPS extension as well as POP3/POP3S.

- Having the ability to send and receive mail from outside an d to work with external servers to send and receive mail;

- Multiple domains make it possible to work well together;

- Virtual accounts support;

- anti-Protection of IP and IP addresses from spam, ation of IP and spam databases;

- cross-platform;

- modular architecture;

- detailed documentation;

- The GPL v2 license allows distribution.

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