Xbox Backup Creator

by Redline99

Make backup copies of Xbox 360 games you own on your home computer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Redline99

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Xbox Backup Creator helps you effortlessly backup your valuable Xbox 360 games on your computer in the comfort of your own home.


  • An intuitive interface makes it easy to use.
  • You need no more than a few minutes to complete your backups.
  • In addition to Xbox 360 and Xbox original, it makes separate copies.
  • Simple, quick installation of the software will have you back up in no time.
  • Burn backups to disk or save them as images on your hard drive for later use.
  • In order to disk, use any external burner such as Imgburn or Nero to burn the picture.
  • Play your games without a fragile disk, copy the game's files to a USB and connect it to the Xbox

Xbox Backup Creator is a Windows ALL-In-You can restore your Xbox1 and Xbox 360 games in one convenient location. You no longer have to spend $60 at the grocery store.In case your little brother stepped in with an Xbox 360 in his mouth and spilled a beverage on top, or started the fight to pick it up. If you want to store all the titles you like on a solid state drive or another hard drive, you can simply backup them to the drive or disk. You can even upload the game files to the USB to access directly.

Don't let a ball of paint get scratched or your little brother hit you again...!

A feature of the Xbox Backup Creator is its ability to create backups.Using this tool you will easily be able to back up original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles. In this product (CPE/OPA) Xtreme SS/XRF support for MPI, SS, and PFI is complete using both Xboxes and Xbox 360s.It is useful to extract FW or SH with different strengths.D162c or SH-D163a/TS-I would recommend the Kreon FW H353A PC drive instead of the H353A PC drive.

  • Windows.
  • This download requires a zip compatible decompressor.
  • Requires an active internet connection to download.
Charles Davis
The program was wonderful! It was awesome! I'm very thankful I was able to use it in time after my house was struck by lightning recently. My XBox was fried due to damage caused by lightning. Still, I didn't realize how much I had lost until I recalled I backed up everything. Boom. In a short time, everything turned right back around, and I left the hospital on good terms.! Best program ever.
Colin Brad
Games with games for children have a wonderful back-up facility. In short, you can install the program in minutes. Original games can also be copied into any external storage device or burned if necessary. It makes the games available to everyone and without them going through multiple hoops to obtain each one.
Every time I get an email from Xbox Backup Creator about saving a game, it takes me aback. The game data you've saved can be accessed with this program, as the discs are so fragile. Games are actually made out of files saved into the hard drive using the software; however, there is a way to set it up by simply logging into the Xbox 360 and installing it. The software itself is so simple to set up that it often makes a backup within a few seconds and saves
While I own a Xbox 360 for almost five years now, it is recently being progressively lost data in both the user interface and the user interface. With Xbox Backup Creator, I have never been able to lose my world's data nor misplace my Xbox files on my Windows computer. Instead of purchasing a new hard drive, I bought Xbox Backup Creator; it saves me time and money. 10/10 totally recommend
I didn't realize what I needed at the time when I started playing Xbox 360 games. I now have the ability to make backups for Xbox 360 games. Making Xbox backups and creating discs with images, burning the backups and creating images from the hard drive made sense for me. I was glad that I did so. In a matter of minutes, I had scratched and lost work on my disc, but my backup enabled me to keep going. You can live a longer life with it.
This Windows application designed to manage your Xbox console backups is known as Xbox Backup Creator. If an xbox that has been upgraded becomes damaged, you can get it out back by restoring its old configuration via the free for use software.
I am happy and relieved that Xbox backup creator gave me the power to secure my data. When my Xbox broke down last fall, I lost my progress in at least ten games as a result of xbox backup creator. Having said all that, here's my take on this product: Five stars if not free would have prevented me from choosing it.
In 1999, my parents invested in me an XBox 360 system. Life is great. I want to backup the content of my e games on my PC. It was only on that I found Xbox Backup Creator. That's it. My computer is not large enough for it to take up a lot of room. I'm having a problem with my Xbox games because I only have access to one or two disk drives often. Having my backup games on my computer helps me to run them since I have them on my computer so I can back up and restore them. There will be no further scratching of disks to be disappointed with. There are also many ways for my friends and I to interact with each other. What are the benefits of burning them as files or saving them ds or save them as images on my hard drive. How wonderful!
Users can store data from their xbox, and Microsoft Backup Creator is built into Windows to give them the capability to perform a backup. By updating their eboxes directly instead of having to wait for them to make the upgrade, users can take advantage of all their benefits before it starts. With this xbox fix, the xbox data can be transferred from one location back to another. Backward compatibility allows you to back up gameplay from Xbox One original games as well as those that came on Microsoft's other video game consoles, namely Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.
A game backup program for the Xbox 360, Xbox Backup Creator provides the best gaming backup available. In our house computer, this software will be accessible very easily. The mistake you are making by not going ahead and backing up spoiled Xbox 360 games won't cost you much. The game is also safe when both discs have been backed up. Direct play from USB is also possible. With a simple interface and easy to use interface. You can make copies of what you see within a few minutes with this program. It is such fantastic software that can do that. You should strongly suggest this Xbox Backup Creator for your players.
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