by CounterPath Corporation

Allows you to make calls on any device that you deem important

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CounterPath Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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X-Lite is a program for voice communication using VoIP technology. With X-Lite, you can use audio and video communications, manage your contact database by assigning them to groups (e.e.g., Work, Family, Friends); in real time, and make any other relevant communication (including texts) with any other person at the same time. You can also use the statuses while being in communication with another. The X-shaped radiographic system provides access to the X-shaped communication channels due to security considerations.Lite are encrypted. With this program you can autoload, adjust the data rate, configure sound patterns, adjust video and audio compression, as well as adjust data rates. Verdict: The audio quality in X is good.This feature can be achieved by reducing noise and automatically adjusting volume levels in audio streams to minimize overall sound.

- VoIP communication;

- text messaging;

- Among the advanced video and audio setup functions we offer: 1.

- Defining noise reduction as the reduction of sounds.

x-Whenever we need someone to speak up for us at a short notice, or if someone says something that we want in short supply, lite is very useful. Meetings involving teams or cubicles are also an advantage.
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