by Peter Zelezny

An IRC chat program for Linux and Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Peter Zelezny

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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X-Chat is an IRC chat program. With X-Chat, you can simultaneously connect to many different chat rooms, communicate in private or public and share files. I found that the Interface of the program is not challenging, and most IRC programs have a standard set of features that makes it easy to operate.clients. X-Users can customize font styles, wallpapers, the transparency of the program window, edit status messages, adjust sounds, adjust networks and settings, and they may see a popup while new chat messages are appearing.You can change that by opening the window and selecting a system tray icon.

- IRC chatting;

- file sharing.

X Chat 2.6.3A (1.58 MB)
X Chat 2.6.7A (1.5 MB)
X Chat 2.6.9 (1.53 MB)
X Chat 2.8.1B (1.14 MB)
X Chat 2.8.3E (0.92 MB)
X Chat 2.8.3D (0.92 MB)
X Chat 2.8.3A (0.94 MB)
X Chat 2.8.5E (0.93 MB)
X Chat 2.8.5C (0.93 MB)
X Chat 2.8.7D (0.95 MB)
X-There seem to be few technical difficulties with using a chat feature without microphones or webcams. Although this allows you to change the background, font and join an active chat room, there's no interface for doing so. File sharing through chat rooms is possible even if the data is public or private.
X-Internet users can use chat for purposes of chatting. Nowadays, the setup is more involved than simply updating an entry. Moreover, it hasn't been updated since 2010.
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