WS FTP Professional

by Ipswitch

This server allows secure transmission and encryption of data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ipswitch

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WS_FTP Pro supports a wide range of FTP types. A FTP / HTTPS / SSL / HTTP / SSL port allows you to upload files into the server. In addition to support for OpenPGP and 256-bit encryption, WS_FTP Professional also supports local encrypting of files and folders.bit AES key. CRC32, MD5, SHA- in SHA-based systems1, SHA-256 and SHA-Using 512 algorithms makes it difficult for criminals to replace files uploaded to a servers if they intend to transfer it. Program allows you to delete, rename, or move files once they are uploaded to the server, has macros for dynamically categorizing files, and allows you to create scheduled backups of documents. Google, Copernic, and Windows services can be used in conjunction with the software, so both local and remote files can be synchronized. It can be done by using proxy servers. The previews are available for images stored locally or remotely. It supports drag-and-drop.

In my company, I design graphics software. Our work is largely kept privately, which means not everyone has access to the shared server where we store some of it. We have started using WS FTP Professional on Windows since files can be transferred back and forth between our two computers. This program is a fantastic investment for our company. Using it allows us to easily work at home, and we have never had problems using or losing files. It's an absolute pleasure to have this software.
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