by WOT Services

A massive multiplayer online game involving tanks that is accessible via torrent, as well as many free apps.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WOT Services

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WOT (Web of Trust) is a free extension that is suitable for the majority of modern web browsers that work with add-ons. Your online experience and security are protected when you use this system. Potentially harmful sites do not appear on your system when used. Add-It is possible to install these ons in a few seconds, and they are distributed for free. This is a highly effective program for displaying search results and mail links in conjunction with some special icons in a number of colors. It is incredibly simple but extremely effective. It is believed that the resource that the link leads to is reliable and trusted when it has a green icon. Yellow - An error message may be reported that the site isn't verified. This won't harm your computer very much. A red warning means that accessing a website may be risky. Websites that WOT "puts out" red are likely to be fraudulent and not recommended for visiting.

- Browser toolbar; detecting vulnerable online resources;

- With any popular browser; ;

- The system is extremely convenient.

- In E-commerce, it automatically analyzes the search results and links.mails;

- Doesn't require pre-configuration.

With the WOT extension, you can protect yourself from being harmed by the yellow or black warnings. Due to technology now such as data theft, data manipulation etc., consumers are at risk of losing their peace of mind if we do not act with some sense of security. I'm very pleased with the solution that this product can provide.
It appears that WOT is a good idea, as you can easily understand its colourcoded alert structure. In any case, the website may be more appealing if it added more information to the content. On its website there was very little information in addition to the description. Please display samples, as well as photos, of the software you are working with rather than downloading a simple file. The idea is good, as well as the marketing shortcomings.
There was a time when I was using WOT only every so often, but now its function is now gone. A powerful browser like Edge helps you stay aware of harmful websites.This system gives you a heads-up notice when a website is having trouble, which keeps you from getting sucked in by it, and if it happens it works very well.
WOT - free-to-Tanks battles simulator - created based on some of the most famous conflicts and the modern Wargaming war vehicles.
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Allow all referential files to be viewed from the window.
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Starting in Windows NT 3, it goes by the same name as the Microsoft Windows NT operating system.1
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If no particular domain is selected for inclusion in active content, Script does not include the desired active content.
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