by Mikael Samsøe Sørensen

For Microsoft Word, you can create your own mathematical calculator.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mikael Samsøe Sørensen

Release: WordMat 1.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I'm a math teacher that makes my students use Microsoft Word for their homework assignments, and WordMat has helped both my entire class and me so much. If you aren't familiar with WordMat, it is a mathematical equation calculator for Windows. the program installed, you have accessibility to a calculator whenever you need it, no matter what is on your computer. My students always changed their work and they never did it on purpose before using this program. The reason for this was mainly because they weren't using calculators while they were studying for exams while on Word in their backpacks. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in homework now that they have a built-in calculator right next to it. Mathematicians, complicated numbers, regression and even graphing can all be performed on Word Mat by just simple calculations and formulae.

In my opinion, this application stands out because of how much detail and effort it requires. Math equations with nearly every type of format have access to it in Word. My students were submitting incorrect work in addition to incorrect work not formatted properly. About a month ago, I introduced this tool to my students and no longer had many of these problems. As a result, most of my students do not attempt to learn things that are new to them, since they are too afraid to give up on them. Using the application is easy thanks to its ease of use inside Word. As of last month, the program had been updated. I wasn't sure if this Wordmat would work for my style of teaching at first, but when I saw it I began to make students download it.

This is an application for doing a large amount of math related content and activities with Microsoft Word. It can help you do most of your calculations. I love working with this technology for my classes. The students that would not be doing mathematical equations correctly if it weren't for the program would be in this position. In my mind, I was worried that WordMat would come out for my students. Throughout our partnership, their performance has significantly improved, and I've attempted to help them even more. My class will use this application, both here now and as a future student. I'm happy for both of them and future students as well. You may be surprised how accurate it is with Word.

Helps you calculate math in Microsoft Word!

  • Numbered Equations
  • Regression
  • Graph plotting
  • Complex numbers tool
  • Conversion Equation feature
You can use WordMat for Windows if you'd like to add special mathematical functions or symbols to your Microsoft Word document. This program will install a function menu so that you can access these extra functions with ease. By entering mathematical functions easily and quickly in Word in the Microsoft Office keyboard, this program makes entering equations a time-consuming process.
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