Word Reader

by Abdio Corporation

The reader is a way of viewing documents, searching for words and phrases, taking notes, filling out forms, and printing or sharing them electronically.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Abdio Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WARNING: The development of the program has been discontinued and the latest version is available on our website.

Word Reader is a free alternative to Microsoft Word document editor. All DOCX and DOC documents, as well as HTM, RTF, HTML, and TXT documents can all be opened by this program. Users of the program do not need to buy documents in Word and install them on Microsoft World computers. You simply download the Word Reader application, the installation file of which is relatively small, and use all the functions of the utility.

A document can display a variety of text settings (colored borders, align parameters, font size, colors, etc.). It can be rotate, photographed, and photographed to optimize its view. In order to print out the document, set it up in your own way, or if you wish to email it, email it. The document window will appear as several tabs (such as in Internet browsers) for several days at the same time. Making your own design for the program is up to you. An on-There is a screen keyboard. Each program item can be customized using editing tools that are automatically copied and pasted. Editors who want to learn Word Reader can learn it easily here. You can download the application for free.

- It is not necessary to have Microsoft Office installed;

- By changing font style, you can adapt to your preferred style.

- The software is used with Word documents created in more than one Microsoft® version.

- Included is the onscreen keyboard, and it automatically adjusts based on your activity.many other functions; saved functions; as well as functionality and many other useful features; save function and many other useful features;

- This file is available completely free of charge to the public.

In terms of using it, it sounds like a great idea. Since I needed to access documents from Microsoft, I needed to purchase Microsoft. Even going from one computer to another, including opening Microsoft documents on the different PC to another, may not always work and is not safe at all when using used fonts and layouts. I'm interested in seeing how this program can help out with these errors.
I've recently been looking at the Word Reader; I find it free and I like that. After seeing how much I can use this program, I realized it is equally effective as Word as far as documentation goes. The program can open several files at once, automatically save them, and the user can edit the content. With this app, Microsoft Word works on all versions of the Mac platform without any problems. The onscreen keyboard is also nice.
In addition to being a very nice program, Microsoft Office is a time consuming and expensive one. The Word Reader for Windows program does not work with this program. Sisulizer has developed this alternative software.You seem to be able to find your many documents on www. com.
Using Word Reader is ideal for netbooks or users who don't wish to be connected to Microsoft Word. The truth is, not everyone uses word processors.
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