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The cheapest internet telephony application that allows us to call anywhere in the world

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Publisher: Woize

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The Woize is an application that is mainly used for calling anywhere in the world through the internet. This would indicate it is one of the cheapest modes of making Internet calls. With this app, both PCs and smartphones can communicate over Internet. This service lets anybody on Earth receive and make calls to each other even if they are not in the United States. Woize even provides us with our own telephone number for free so that we can use that number in PCs to make calls. Application and telephone numbers are both free; free download and for telephone numbers are both free; The only thing we have to pay is the call costs from other mobile phones and landlines.

As well as Internet phone calls, Woize offers many other features. Packages such as this are available for communication. Apart from the basic telephony features, such as SMS and calls forward, there are many more communication modes. Instant messaging, file transfer, and RSS news feeds are all capabilities.

Regardless of where we run the Woize application, whether it is a smartphone or a PC, one thing that we all have in common is that both the calling costs from Woize user's to Woize user's, as well as mobile calls to mobile phones and landlines, In addition to being a software application, Woize can also be taken with you. Hardware devices come in two types: home devices and operating systems devices.


  • International calls to anywhere in the world are made at the cheapest rate possible using Internet.
  • Software and hardware can both be used.
  • With our communication packages, voice mail, call forwarding, and SMS are all included.
  • Other features include instant messaging, the ability to send and receive files, and RSS feeds.
  • Devices for both smartphones and computers can be used.
  • Besides offering a free telephone number, it is also free to download.
Family and I have been given countless gifts through Woize. As I live abroad and calling and messaging on an international phone can be costly with a normal phone plan, I decided to use Woize so that I can stay reasonably connected to those outside of the United States and get around. To be honest, it has surprisingly extensive features on my home phone Without doubt, this has been one of the most helpful services we have ever had.
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