Search your computer for nuisance files and other things

Operating system: Windows

Release: WizTree 3.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WizTree for windows is a great tool and program to run on your PC to search your PC for files that you no longer want on your pc, you can delete them and locate them easily with just a simple scan. WizTree for windows allows you to fully search your entire hard drive for stuff you do not want anymore on your computer. There is no other program that performs a file search as quickly and easily as this one, it allows you to search from your entire computer in seconds. The WizTree Windows program will manage your folders and files in a way you can dictate. It allows you to navigate and manage the folders that comprise your hard drive in any way that you wish. The tool is able to tell you in detail the file size of every file on your computer in an extremely helpful manner so that you can determine if a program is taking a toll on Using WizTree for Windows is easy. We have it for download on a number of different sites, it won't harm your computer or take up valuable memory, and WizTree for Windows is a quick installation, and you can remove it if you want.


  • easy to download
  • easy access
  • scans very fast
  • compact file size

the conclusion for WizTree for windows is that it's incredibly useful if you're looking to make space for your computer and hard drive so you can put more file and other stuff on it, you don't have to worry about anything with this as its virus free and you can be assured that it's a top quality program to search your computer.

Your computer can be searched.
WizTree 1.05 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 1.06 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 1.07 (0.87 MB)
WizTree 3.8 (3.38 MB)
Will Leung
Using this tool, you can browse through your computer's files very easily. While I have no trouble using the Windows Explorer, I have not found this to be the best option. It is not true that I have faith in this software. There is a possibility that this is malware. A questionable description of the company exists in its website.
used by desktops to identify known adware, trojans or viruses, as well as allowing users to identify which files and folders occupying the highest amount of space on the computer. Viruses can often be effectively contained with the help of an antivirus program.
Cameron Larosa
Analysis of disc space is a function of Wiz Tree for Windows. Searches are usually made for documents that occupy large volumes of data, and it is a fast program to do this. There is the option of organizing and deleting programs. As far as I am concerned, it is very simple.
The first thing I noticed about this website was that the program isn't charging a fee. The website offers different types of download and donation links, which are somewhat confusing for the user to navigate through. It's easy to see how the system is used with the screenshots, which include a comprehensive list of features. There are several commands that can be invoked under a specific command. The background information presented here is of interest to the user.
It helps users locate the areas of their hard drives that can be best utilized by limiting their available space. WizTree calculates and organizes the files on the hard drive by using the master file table of your drive. For a better representation of the file formats displayed in a visually themed treemap, WizTree allows users to set the format in addition to displaying in. Using WizTree you can search for file names, organize files, and access it using text commands, 20 of which are supported in multiple languages.
Wiztree is the most popular utility software & t's one solid way to figure out what's taking up space on your drive.
In the alternative, WizTree for Windows may be just what you need. According to my research, it can both store information and even detect what files are occupying space. Utilizing this program will help to prevent dirt builds up on your hard drive and improve its efficiency. Wiz Tree for Windows does an excellent job at determining disk space usage, however. There is a user interface built with simplicity, which makes it user-friendly. Using this program, you can view the percentage of files that take up space on your hard drive and help you to eliminate those files that are not necessary. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep their device running smoothly. Performance is everything! The producer of this program is Antibody software. It is, t is also free!
Using this product is highly convenient if you have no prior computing experience. It can't be that easy to locate space on my disc drive anymore due to the large files that I didn't realize I already had. It also has a vibrant color coding on the sleek interface. WizTree for windows is one of the best ELITE programs available, even if users don't have much experience.
You will not have any trouble in terms of getting around the workflow with this program, which does a superb job of scanning disk space. Large files can be searched and cleaned easily if you read them. There is no better tool for you to use than this. Files will be organized so they start first, as well as the best thing: a preview of how large your files are. It's totally free. The bad news is that other programs will stumble on hard-linked files and you will get many duplicates. Because of this, it is not necessary to worry. You can do automatic updates, keep the space on your hard drive limited, and still work by maintaining the disk.
Software WizTree works quickly with Microsoft Windows, its ability is to run your files and documents instantly and analyse all your files efficiently.
Have you ever wondered if your computer is becoming infected?? You can find the files that are wasting your drive more space through this app. The results are very useful for people who want to cut back on their need to spend more time storing things. In WizTree, a simple, clean interface makes it easy to sort through the massive file catalog and find which files need to be taken out or left alone. This is a simple but effective way to use water.
Disk space analysis is available for free via WizTree for Windows. With WizTree on Windows, users will notice that the user experience is much faster, and it will look very professional. Through WizTree's intuitive search function, you can easily locate all the scanned drives' files and visualize them. WizTree is an entirely new tool for drive analysis in 2021, resulting in massive improvements over WinDirStat.
This software is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I believe it is only applicable to hardcore computer users. WizTree scans your hard drive almost immediately and displays a visual representation of everything you have installed. Essentially, it creates a map of your computer, giving you clear information about what programs are affecting the most space, even if they are installed in one program or are in both.
is Windows-based program that can quickly check the size of the entire disk. The user may download the software product for personal use for free. Using its scan and read capability it scans and reads the magnetic filing tables directly from hard drives using magnetic compatibility technology. By doing this, you can determine which files and folders have the most space usage on your computer. ImmunoSoftware owns WizTree. The PC can be used with either a 32 bit or 64 bit CPU.
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