Wise Auto Shutdown

by WiseCleaner

A simple utility to shut down a PC automatically

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WiseCleaner

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Wise Auto Shutdown is a free program to set up automatic shutdown and reboot your computer. As well as sleep mode, the device may also choose to exit the selected account screen on its own.

There are a lot of options available for the above actions in this utility. For example, Wise Auto Shutdown, can shut down your computer once a day or do it daily at a specified time. Setting up a schedule is useful to automate the shutdown of office computers at the end of the day or, alternatively, to limit the time a child spends at the computer. Although this program is universal and can be used in a wide variety of ways, several of its features are restricted.

Additionally, developers have made it possible for people to turn off the computer at a set setting for energy savings or for the safety of their personal data, which they could chose on their own for several hours every day at very short notice. As an option you can start the countdown before any specific operation is even performed. Here you can specify the precise moment when Wise Auto Shutdown should start shutting down or shutting down the PC. When a button to customize the notification panel is pressed, the countdown begins.

You can download the program as a regular version or as a portable version. The two of them are working at the same time. By completing the Wise Auto Shutdown in Task Manager or another alternative program, you won't get any automatic shutting operations implemented as other users have.

- In accordance with the instructions, go to sleep and log out once the account has been closed.

- Several ways to set the right time;

- Providing regular and portable versions of the material; Providing products in a form that is convenient for you.

- The background work; working behind the scenes.

- Windows with automatic start-up; How to download it ;

- The idle shutdown automatically switches to automatic!?

- The daily shutdown schedule should be set at the latest; ;

- The app appears five minutes before the shutdown.

Those times that are forgetful or distracted by the world around them can't do much good without this helpful Windows program. Protects your laptop or desktop from overheating and makes it easier to use energy. Thanks to the scheduling option, I could not ask for a more convenient time to make sure my PC runs smoothly.
Rather than having to restart your computer when you can't use it, this application essentially shuts it off. Schedule your shutdown so that it takes place automatically or set the duration according to the time it's necessary. A click of your mouse can shut down your computer.The program does not require much system memory and CPU power. It only takes a few minutes to download and install the application.
For instance, Wise Auto Shutdown can automatically shut down one of the necessary update notifications without doing a whole lot of work. you are able to reset your computer a number of times a day, there won't be any pop-ups.ups involved.
Software that will automatically shut down your PC, such as Wise Auto Shutdown, is easy to use. In addition to shutting down your computer, going into sleep, logging off and restarting, and closing your power supply at any given time, this will make it very easy to schedule your work computer so your computer can go to sleep at a particular time.
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