Wireless Snif

by Ufasoft

Can scan all types of frequencies in the network.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ufasoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Wireless Snif is a program for capturing and analyzing traffic. packet can both be captured from a device such as a network card and analyzed using ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, IRC chats, as well as E-mail.mail clients, IP, TCP, UDP, etc. With Wireless Snif, you can view packets in real time and save them for later analysis. Two versions of the program are available - AIDE for Windows and aIDE for Mac. How to access the console and user interface. Snif uses network configuration (LAN/WLAN) to enable wireless capture of packets, regardless of the type of network. When users connect to a single hub or switch for an instance, both connections will be done via switches. You can view a list of Wi-Fi access points here.Some Fi chipsets supported by the program include Atheros, Prism, Hermes, Ralink, ZyDAS, and Intel.

Having the wireless snif on my hip makes me expendable. The medication is taken daily by me. The device automatically keeps a record of network traffic on my network. My website traffic is tracked by it. Here I can discover your demographic information on all of the people who come to visit my website. This way, I can tailor my website so that I can better serve my clients. In similar fashion to Google Analytics and other analytic software, it works just as well. This program doesn't require a lot of hard drive space. An easy to learn, smooth system at a simple pace. As a result of Wireless snif installation, I have increased my website traffic by 72%, I have increased my customer base by 52%, and my sales have increased by 46%. 32 new readers have added to my blog, and 89 new readers have added to its. In my Facebook page, I have 592 likes. You have to know your customers' demographics if you want to grow your website's business. You can do that with the help of wireless snif. This Wireless snif is amazing.
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