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A program to collect and process information about telephone calls

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PBX Software

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WinTariff is the software to account for your PBX calls. The product has been successfully used for seven years now. WinTariff allows you to record and process calls in the future. I will use the following results.

The use of a comparison service to compare the telephone bill of a local telephone exchange to other cities.

In analyzing how much work your station performs, let's look at it as a whole;

For separation of invoice records between organization negotiating the same station;

Bills for phone calls between hotels are sometimes sent to guests.

It is also possible to import or edit international codes into the system. (In order to determine which tariffs cost you more, think of how your company communicates with multiple telecommunications providers). WinTariff has the power to apply a number of tariffs to this. Depending on the report you are creating, you can alter its format in any way necessary (e.g.If you do, insert your logo. For the most frequently performed operations, one key can be used to save and describe them further. It doesn't matter what type of installation or user it is - WinTariff is designed to work without fuss. The system can be configured to work with local networks. placed at the office station and uses it for information recording and not data processing as a desk computer has to remain off limits. The WinTariff user can simultaneously store data at more than one office station.

This program consists in two main sections: graphics and user interaction. Both the PbxCollect.EXE writing module for the IDE as well as tariff32.json.EXE processing module. Installation is available for a variety of computers, therefore, data for each computer is described separately. PBAxCollect.EXE is a program designed to collect data from a public network. It is 400 Kb. In order to protect the memories of this module, it must be retained permanently. A 386 processor computer makes a good platform to run PbxCollect.EXE. Moreover, WinTariff does offer support for other tools available on Linux and FreeBSD, such as PbxCollect_NTservice.exe which runs for Windows NT2000/XP. Your recordings can be run in a service from these modules.

Considering that WinTariff has the capacity to collect detailed information about phone calls, I imagine it makes a great application. When using WinTariff, one of its biggest issues is that it requires a lot of knowledge for VoIP calls over the phone network. If you are setting up Win Tariff's program, it would probably be more of a mental task than possible even with an IT professional on your side, given that the software can be customized. When purchasing a product, like this one, whether based on business or not, I want to consult a professional first.
Throughout my office and throughout my living room, WinTariff has been absolutely invaluable in the analytical processing of telephone data. It is truly the most effective and useful technology to record and manage recorded telephone information. Having the ability to record and process telephone calls is essential to my work and makes keeping in touch with friends and family easy and efficient. Please recommend this service to anyone you meet.
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