by Marvin Hymowec

Your computer is quiet when not busy.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Marvin Hymowec

Release: WinSleep

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinSleep by MollieSoft keeps your PC snoozing (while not very occupied), however much as could be expected during periods you indicate. Operating system runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux kernel version 4.1.Depending on whether you want to use Windows 1 or Windows 10. Data indicates when your PC was awake, asleep, or rest, showing the status of your hardware at that time. The Rest Journal shows why your PC feels sleepy or not for a given period of time. Obtaines sleep advantage and hibernate capability and can be utilized for manual operations. Utilize remote watcher WinSleep Monitor to associate from anyplace. The CPU, disk, and network utilization levels for your PC are displayed. The configuration of multiple rest plans (day by day, by week, or by month depending on availability availability) will limit each rest strategy with its own CPU, Disk, and Network utilization limits based on availability. The wake plan must be established and the program of each wake must be undertaken to a discretionary extent. An overview of what your workplace looks like in the future. When your plate drive fails to function, your motherboard doesn't have fuel, your fan does not run (masse dust on the PC packaging), and your screens are resting their luster-sets the PC against a wall so your money can be invested.

While on alert, an area of a work environment can utilize 250 watt hours of power, yet it uses a smaller amount when sleeping. According to US laws, energy utilities are allowed to charge 10 pennies per kilowatt hour. This is .2 is equal to 25 kWh after ten pennies.While saving you 5 pennies an hour when you snoozing, this would otherwise cost you a lot more. Depending on the time of day and PC you use, State WinSleep may do quite a bit of damage to your computer. this is $.30/day = $109.50 every year. You need more spare time when you rest more often. What we did not check was how efficient the PC screen has been.)


  • energy saver
  • prolong computer life
  • CPU/Disk/Network utilization limits
  • limits dust intake by keeping off when necessary
WinSleep (1.23 MB)
WinSleep (1.13 MB)
This software is a favorite of mine!! Your computer can be saved for as long as possible while you're away. Battery and energy can be saved. A nice little graph can also be created showing how often it is awoken, sleeps, and hibernating. As well as setting timers and waking the computer according to its schedule, you have access to setting the computer's power. Get over it by falling asleep in your bathroom or while you're having a drink. Must have! An excellent value of...
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