by Laurentiu Stanimir

A free MS Windows visual application that combines Ping and Traceroute functions into an easy-to-use-function

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Laurentiu Stanimir

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinMTR is a clone of the popular traceroute program running under the Linux operating system. Using tracert, ping commands can be combined.

You can view all data for each router in the program:

In addition to being the router's IP address or domain name, its hostname also determines how its internet service connects.

You need the router number in place of your BIOS.

Each router contains a loss percentage that represents the number of response lost in a given period of time.

Every attempt to send a URL to a specific router constitutes a requested request.

Recv represents the number of responses made by the router.

Best is the shortest delay time.

Avrg is the average delay time.

Worst is the longest delay time.

Last is the most recent packet delay time that was received.

The WinMTR program allows you to clearly see which of the routers is working slowly or not at all, losing data packets. Using the export button, you may save the received data in a text document.

During my day-to-day duties as a network manager, I can take advantage of WinMTR's ability to monitor efficiency and quality in real time. I am able to see exactly how quickly each router is working which allows me to more effectively accomplish my tasks. This is a fast, easy, and convenient app.
The same way you can traceroute, an app can do it for you as well. An online tool which displays statistics and enables you to understand it so you can make better use of it. The system also saves data in case you need to examine it again later. When you run this query, it provides results that indicate whether your network or others have trouble.
Using traceroute and ping on your network can be the solution. If you have a Windows 32 or 64 bit machine, you can download this software. This software interface is intuitive and easy to use.
One of the most common programs designed for network diagnostics is WinMTR, a program that combines traceroute and ping commands.
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