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Mount any ZIP, RAR and ISO files onto a virtual drive

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WinMount

Release: WinMount 3.5.1018

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The WinMount content-By way of the mounting application, users can quickly drag files into place rather than having to compress them to fit into compresses and decompress files, allowing users to quickly move the application.The way an image user would use a standard or graphical interface: set up content as necessary. WinMount utilizes their custom "MUO" file format, which allows for rapid compression and decompression, as well as conversion to RAR ZIP 7Z. Mount to DVD's ISO, ISZ, NRG, CCD, IMG, BIN, MDS, MDF, and CUE functions, and the ISO-mount DVD can burn other ISO items as well.ROMs, CD-ROMs, and HDDs. WinMount also allows you to seamlessly create virtual RAM Disks from between 64MB and 4GB, which are automatically erased upon restart.

All of these features, combined, comprise a formidable package of secure data transfer and file burning function, which both save time and simplify tasks. Depending on your license level and trial period, WinMount will cost $49, or $999 if you are applying as the owner or lessee. Take the hassle out of data compression, data security, and simple file transfer by downloading this comprehensive software suite.


Erasable RAM Disk creator feature secures against the possibility of data theft or intrusion after shutdown
  • RAR, ZIP and MOU mounting an ISO, ISZ, NRG, CCD, IMG, BIN, MDS/MDF, and CUE burning capability
  • Convenient 'drag-and-drop' style interface allows rapid file transfer
  • High-efficiency compression standard protocol created exclusively for WinMount
  • Secure, erasable RAM Disk feature enables temporary file storage which is irretrievable upon system restart

WinMount is a fast, highly-Data compression standard has been improved considerably over any existing application you can find out on the market. It is a more efficient and highly secure software option. can be implemented at any time, in any location, with only the following files ably handled: The letters MB and ZIP follow you from bin to ISO. CAR, ZIP, 7Z, CAB, ARJ, BIN, V, WV, ISZ, CUE, CCD, APE, FLAC, ZIP/NRG and VIC.

Jay Davidson
Having WinMount available, fast, and for low prices makes it my favorite.
Using WinMount, a lot of time can be saved and I can enjoy more free time. Having WinMount with a stand-out feature that allows rar to compress data helped me organize and manage my files.
Archie Rooks
A free version of WinMOUNT, unzipping programs like WinRAR (with Windows) for free works well when combined with various file types into collected batches of files. There is no need to store passwords in Zips, otherwise they are all encrypted. I guarantee it works well, so I suggest you try it for a few minutes. Even though it is free, looks trustworthy and is an impressive piece of
When you mount a disk on a computer, you simply need to connect it to the computer and see if the disk will be usable. Using WinMount mounted in Windows with VTR allows VIRTUALLY mounting different compressed files, such as RAR, ZIP and ISO. Zip files are now treated like a disk in Word, Excel, and so on. The ZIP and RAR programs are no longer necessary, you simply copy them to the virtual drive. How convenient! With this method, you can unmount your virtual disk, click on the RAR or ZIP icon, and proceed. Zipping can only be avoided using a manual process. If you want to make an ISO or just mount a CD/DVD, you can do that as well.
Using WinMount you can create virtual hard drives easily. Having used software like Rufus before, this made everything seem as easy and works exactly as it sounds. Having multiple virtual drives can be very useful, and you won't be wasting disk space by needing to extract all the files. Over 70,000 downloads can be found out of the 10,000 pages I visited solely based on the first site. From those, it seems like a well-renowned and safe tool.
There is a compression tool for Windows called WinMount. The option of using it to self-drive is also great for me. It's a tool that I like the most because it lets me unzip files and format them, allowing me to work out work life! I highly recommend this software for my daily routine, as it makes it very easy to zip and format files. I like that the files can be dragged & dropped pretty easily. No waiting around. This is definitely a two-thumbed sup
The best free tool we find at the moment is a great one you can keep and use it at no cost. Using software that requires a virtual drive is easy thanks to this. Files in all major file types can easily be mounted. The format works similarly well with RAR, ISO, ZIP, and more. Any mount I may have needed to mount to a drive, so far the solution works. Producing data by converting it into RAM is even possible. This program can be used with any kind of file format. Many options.
It is a safe process to use Winmount to compress and extract ISO files safely. As far as file handling is concerned, it mostly served this purpose.
You will be pleased to know that WinMount allows you to create virtual drives. This tool is simple to use and has great instructions so that you can place the components of different files on it and save them. By dragging and dropping the file you wish to mount, all you have to do is the next step.
Create your own virtual drives. My goal is to take this issue further, so I can report it back. It seems all works out well thus far, I really like the results. Driver updates are required.
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