WinMend Folder Hidden


WinMend Folder Hidden is a tool that allows you to hide folders and files so that they aren't visible

Operating system: Windows


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WinMend Folder Hidden is a program that allows you to "hide" files and folders on local and removable media. The tool only protects your sensitive data if you use it yourself for home use. In any case, it doesn't claim to be an ultimatum solution. Considering the security level, the developers do not advise it to be used as a solution by large businesses or enterprises.

Using the WinMend Folder Hidden is very easy. Drag and drop files or folders into the program window to hide them. you can change the visibility of files and folders from "hidden" to "visible", sort objects based on parameters, and open mass operations on them in the same window. The files on USB drives associated with this program will not be changed when connected to another computer that can use the software. It is necessary to install the Hidden folder Hidden and to enter the master password of the WinMend application at each login to see them. The master password will be set in the application at startup and needs to be set each time. In the program there is no password recovery system, so keep the password(s) in mind (or write down) so you do not lose access.

All file systems and media types that may be used are available via WinMend Folder Hidden. "This" can't be seen by third party programs or other accounts under it. Advertising is not included in this completely free program.

- folders on local folders and removable media; lets you hide files;

- is an easy to use tool to change the current status of objects to "visible" and back.

- This program is automatically started by selecting "master password";

- This tool works on all file types and types of media;

- There are no advertisements, so it is completely free.

By using this program you can conceal documents within folder areas; it has been used by computers for years, but it is also cool that files that connect via USB are hid there. If one of the computer's users happens to have another user's computer, it can hide files from them.
Do you have sensitive information on your computer that you don't want esensitive information on your computer that shouldn't be seen by other people? Then there is a need for a program such as WinMend Folder Hidden. With WinMend Folder Hidden, you can easily hide selected files and folders on your computer or any other removable drive, thereby making these files invisible for people who may access your computer from anywhere. You can still access the data from another operating system installed on the same computer, even if it is hidden from the first.
This is a good file management software that hides folder and file names so that they cannot be seen.
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