by Crystal Office Systems

Allows for protection of computer against hackers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Crystal Office Systems

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinLock is a program that allows you to provide additional data security on publicly available computers. It may take several minutes for the system to reach the correct password if the utility blocks it. Keeping information confidential prevents unauthorized users from accessing it on your PC.

WinLock allows you to restrict access to important system resources - Desktop and Registry sections of the Control Panel. If using Windows hotkeys (such as Alt-Ctrl), disable the feature.Del, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-The Start button, Taskbar, etc. are hidden from view (Esc and so on).

In addition to filtering which allow you to access sites that promote learning and reading, and which you do not want to visit, there is a parental control system.

A variety of Windows Explorer entry points (Trash, My Computer, etc.) as well as protected files, applications, and hard drives can also be blocked when using WinLock. On top of this, the WinLock Remote Administrator is a remote administrator tool to manage and configure the program.

Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. The interface of the site is multilingual.

- System Restrictions - Disable all command lines, control panels, safe modes, etc.;

- Time limitations on access to records - ttime limitation - Control which lengths of time other users may use the computer with ns be controlled how long other users can use the computer;

- Introducing restrictions on menu options - Restriction of the Start menu - This selective method allows menu items to be grouped independently through the context menu;

- A guide to Internet access control tion control - It is also possible for access to be blocked on all other sites and only for trusted sites.

- Software filter - The practice of blocking the access ofloaders, games, messengers and CD;

- Hide Disks - Windows Explorer does not show your system or network drives as hiding ones);

- Logging - Changes to the Shell of Windows can be monitored and recorded in the Log Book along with other data.

If your computer is available publicly,WinLock allows access to restricted essential system resources like keys and registry entries by preventing users from being able to access them.
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