by Jim Paris

Application that provides the means to carry out standard infrared remote control signals within a confined area.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jim Paris

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinLIRC is a simple program for controlling infrared devices. For a few minutes after downloading the application, you'll be able to use a normal remote control to control your computer from using infrared waves. Unless the PC has an IR receiver, Remote Control commands can't be used. Using the program menu you can connect to the COM port and program the device.

The WinLIRC installation also allows you to control other equipment with infrared signal control technology from a computer (e.g. stereo equipment).

- saving human resources;

- There are primarily several different RC panel models (only the Panasonic ones); a little; support of set-top boxes and video recorders (includes TV and recorders, but not consoles and gaming devices).

- Useless and convenient; ease of use; and familiarity with the software;

- infrared signals; the ability to control all other peripherals of an apartment in use??

- Almost all plugins are supported with this e supported plugins;

- Updates and additions are frequent.

- With Light Alloy, WinAMP, IREx, or SlyControl you can control any light fixture.

By using this program you can manage your devices virtually. You can basically use your device as a remote control with this approach. When you view media on a laptop, it is so convenient to watch it. Your device isn't disfiguring to the touch - even the IR receiver you attach to it is simple to install. Overall - a great product
Getting WinLIRC for your computer, purchasing an IR receiver, and having your computer installed will give you the best computer upgrade. If the receiver is facing away from your desk, there is less IR for that system, but when someone steps closer, there is reduced IR, therefore it shuts down my desktop to reddit and reverts it back to where it was before. Having worked at home for four years now, I can now say I am an employee.
It is easy to install WinLRC. We are all responsible for heating our home-Home-enabled devices have made it far more convenient as far as technology goes. Essentially, there's no need to install an IR receiver apart from connecting all your IR devices to the computer. Especially useful if you own an entertainment system.
You can control computers running Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers from your remote PC via this freeware.
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