by Gilles Vollant

A disk imaging shareware used to create, read, edit many image formats and file systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gilles Vollant

Release: WinImage 9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinImage is used to create disk images from floppy disks, USB, which can be used for the future. For the convenience of those today, these software allow us to combine data from corrupted floppy disks to the image we need.


  • A disk image is created if a disk is empty.
  • Changing the disk image format is possible.
  • A disk image can be compressed.
  • Adding files and directories to existing disks makes them simpler to manage.
  • Whenever you go into Batch Assistant mode, a lot of operations automatically go through.
  • Also compatible with LINUX files.
  • Includes multiple languages like English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • You will be able to try it for 30 days.

WinImage is a handy software for the people who used floppy disk once a time. They can use this software to transfer their data to the hard drive in the system. By using this software, the disk can also be sliced. In addition to creating empty disk images, this software can also create files on a flash drive. WinImage may be a useful shareware program, but its shareware usage in the current version of Windows does not work. File and directory extensions cannot be added to a disk image on a special software, but they can be added.

Select your removable drive, such as a USB drive or CD drive, and choose to create a disk image.ROM.

An automatic system known as Batch Assistant mode of this software enables the user to perform most operations automatically without needing to manually monitor them. There are a lot of requirements, such as NTFS and Linux images, in its latest version. A free trial version of this product will be provided in exchange for free usage of this software, which supports not only English but also French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, which most people around the world use. The download does not need to be purchased. After that, the user can purchase the product if he wants.

WinImage 8.00 (0.61 MB)
WinImage 9.0 (0.71 MB)
It's great to play Hearthstone but winlmage is a great choice. I save more data from my laptop and computer by using this file upload method. I highly recommend this product! It is definitely worth the price. I highly recommend buying this product because it will never disappoint.
What makes batch assistant so great is its efficiency. Not everyone is so technical, including myself. It simplifies everything much more effectively. The program allows you to extract information from floppy disk and attach it to flash drives in addition to obtaining the information from floppy disks. Thanks to this product's ease of use, it is very convenient for a user.
The Windows Image image editor includes easy-to-use features for recording and editing videos. A lot of my interest comes from the fact that it makes it easy to do this instead of having to physically buy CDs. you can try it first before committing, which means it is also worth trying. This program seems to be very easy to use as a result of reading the instructions. The use of this product is in the favor of many people.
Harris Jackson
The first page has a lot of writing, judging by my initial impressions. In addition to its size and front, this book is not very readable. A nice benefit of this is that you can download it from any browser and each download can be described in a detailed manner. On the left side, you'll see frequently asked questions there as well.
Use it to create your own custom boot disk with a hardware diagnostic tool. any specific Windows device has a built-in utility designed to create specialized formats on it. It was used to extract images, manage USB flash drives, and imaging various programs, such as Excel and Word.
Have any floppy disks that gather dust in an attic, do not get cleaned up f disks gathering dust in your attic but you don't have any modern way of transferring them? can provide you with a quick way to produce and duplicate disk images and make it possible to copy both full drives as well as any partitions of hard drive (including those ancient floppy disks). In addition to these features, it offers a number of other features as well. The Disk Image Creation feature, File Extraction from Disk Image, Disk Image Format changes, Defragmentation, and other options are all included so that even beginners have the ability to manage this program while remaining familiar with its features. In fact if a large number of files need to be backed up or re-trawled, WindowsImage is a valuable option that you will not want to miss.
Have you ever had issues in s at home,office or school? Many computers crash due to a software problem. The solution to these problems can be found with WinImage for Windows. An alternative is to use the Backup By System feature. This ensures that a backup file of your computer is copied and copied in to a hard drive, and you save yourself from having to restore to the initial configuration after an accident. You'll be able to run the software without running Windows to keep your computer clean and allow it to remain at its original state without reinstalling it. In the event of an error in your system configuration, it will help you restore it as soon as possible.
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