by Petr Mourek

A comprehensive and lightweight application allowing the capturing of DV device videos

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Petr Mourek

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinDV is a small free program for capturing video stream transmitted to a computer from any DV device (e.Through the FireWire connector (throughIEEE 1394).

The program does not require installation; however you must download and unpack it before it is functional. WinDV can not only capture video from a camcorder, but also record back to it AVI video format stored on a computer. A single video is automatically produced from each file recorded on the camera.

This program has an easily accessible interface. Using DV devices (type-0). User must select none of the other options.1 or type-2). A check between Config and Capture has to be activated in order for manual grabbing to begin. The Capture button can be pressed to resume video playback and capture of video. In those cases, the button stops. Video time code captured, an automatic creation of a new file, inversed the the program captures the time code, and then automatically creates a new file for the selected segment of the video.

Editing and recording videos with WinDV is not possible at this point, however there are special editing programs in place. A basic requirement in capturing video from another person's camcorder or on a small laptop is that it be armed with it.

- Installing your software doesn't require ongoing maintenance.

- The video captured occurs as the result of a recorded clip from a digital camera;

- memory buffering;

- no settings;

- We automatically split video into small segments (each segment appears in a separate, split the video into small segments (each segment is saved in a separate video file);

- Video recording on the AICA camera, with a reverse function on it;

- If you are recording with a camera, you can automatically connect to an AVI file.

- a built-in viewer.

It gives users an easy-to-use interface that lets them make DV video recordings with Windows applications. You can use WinDV for Windows to play videos from your DV device, has a simple and basic design screen in its main screen, details of connections and status are displayed. You can choose any type of setting and a dialog appears in the tools.
Using WinDV to create files from video cards has been working pretty well for me, and I haven't experienced any issues in creating these files. I use Firewire for WinDV to create AVI files in my digital videos. For anyone who wishes to create AVI or upload them onto their device or anyone who uses the timestamp method, this tool is excellent. My last issue with it was when I lost videos at a fast rate in certain situations.
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