Windows Live Mail

by Microsoft

It also offers Windows 10 applications which provide free email service.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

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Windows Live Mail & Mdash; Microsoft has released Windows Mail, a free mail client that replaces Windows Vista with Office. With this program, you can receive mail from the server, reply to messages in folders, build new messages, and send them automatically based on the server, folders, the built-in editor, and the mail server.

When you run your account wizard, POP3 and IMAP IMAP mail protocols are supported by the account wizard. A newsgroup can also be selected e, POP3 and IMAP protocols for inbound mail and SMTP for outbound mail are supported, and it is also possible to read newsgroups via NNTP The program opens up after you set up your account to download mail and save them to the disk once it has been installed. folders can be created for recipients of Messages; From Live Mail's Selections, they are simply called Filters and they are universal: inbound, outbound, draft, or other messages can be grouped by topic and grouped as your own. This is exactly what Microsoft Office utility is designed to be.mails is similar to Outlook, and the mail editor in MS Word.

The program supports spam filtering with the help of Microsoft SmartScreen utility, and you can connect external antivirus modules to protect against malicious programs. Additionally, you can protect your account data and filter phishing attacks on its server.

In addition to the basic functionality, the application has a powerful calendar scheduler where you can assign upcoming events, meetings, events and other events for any day or month, after which the left part of the window will display the current and future events.

This email client is included in the Windows Essentials package, download the web installer to install and after you start, choose either a complete installation that includes Messenger, Photo Album, Studio, Windows Live Mail, Blog Editor, Microsoft OneDrive, and Outlook Connector. Selecting Select a program and clicking Window's Mail will install it only if you need email.

- Multi-account account creation with Mail: Use multiple email accounts. The Windows Live Mail interface allows you to search through all of your email in one place. You'll need your address and password if you log in, and it will take a few seconds for you to become a mail responder;

- If you want to add these events to your calendar, enter them emove events to your calendar from your mailbox: The Calendar feature in Windows Live Mail allows you to add and update information about upcoming events within your own mailbox. A calendar is displayed in the form that will show the event's name and details;

- Conversations: Now, using an updated Mail app, you can organize all your previous conversations on topics and find them all just by swiping;

- Large email attachments: Now that you have the capability, you can send many high-resolution photos.Sending images in emails that are resolution photos will prevent a lot of confusion. You will need to send your album to the Windows Live SkyDrive NAS if you want this feature.

You may want to give the Windows Mail app a try if you use Windows Live Mail already. Signing up for a Microsoft account on your PC brings up the Mail app. Your email address has already been set up for that connection. Additionally, The Mail app syncs with Windows Phone applications.
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