Windows 8.1

by Microsoft

Operating system produced by microsoft

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The new features of Windows 8 make it possible for users to do a lot of things on the desktop. As they entered a building, some of them received enthusiastic welcomes, and some received rejections. It seems that the concept of whole-stop button was doomed. Microsoft, naturally, has rejected it. RMT, Windows 8 didn't have a Start button and 8 was the wrong year.The latest update was released once again. The previous version of the Start menu, which was no longer visible, has been replaced; however, the new operating system was more easily noticed now through the return of the button. Over all, it's the metro and its novelty that is the biggest.Touch tablet based on a style interface. In a desktop computer, it's almost impossible. Having this effect gives you a great alternative to the old Start menu after a little time with it. In a few cases, customers return the old Start menu, but do not know anything about it. There's no question about the taste; just the biased attitude against the Metro is.There is no sense of justification for cramming. By comparing the Start screen and the Application screen more clearly, you'll notice that you can use any program you've installed on your computer more quickly than with just the classic Start menu. Microsoft's real experience isn't just any ad. While it is true that it will take time to adapt to a new cover and a new concept, we have to do it nonetheless. First off, Sensory tablet and sensory monoblock owners need Windows 8. Without touch input, I would not recommend this change. Windows 8 can only be installed on a regular machine or laptop in order to update the interface and use new features from Microsoft. that's a good reason too, and a lot of people do indeed agree.

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