Windows 10

by Microsoft

Introducing Microsoft's latest operating system as part of its Windows NT family.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

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Windows 10 is the operating system that brings up the Start menu again. does open as in Windows 7, however, the Metro Interface remains and can be accessed from the taskbar to bring up the user interface. Virtual desktops as well as the capability to use Metro applications in windows are new, and the appearance of the desktop is slightly modified.

In order to start, I will use the Start menu. People who ran Windows 8 did not have this, and subsequently had to go to a specialized program to disable the opening of the Metro screen. Touch screen functionality is not available to everyone and in the new Metro-compatible versions Microsoft realized that, as well.This means the style interface has been put on the back burner for now. You can now choose between the Start menu, tile interface, or any other menu available in the Control Panel. We are now presented with a starting menu that includes both Metro program tiles and desktop programs. Now that it is possible to change in size, one can increase or decrease its height for this menu. Do you have any recent use Metropolitan-?From now on, full-screen applications as well as desktop programs will run not only within windows, but also on computers. A Snap feature enables Windows 8 to split the desktop into two parts. On the Metro application, there is a shortcut along the lines of 'Metro', on the desktop is the regular interface. Here, in Windows 10, this function not only stayed, but also evolved. A screen can now be divided into 4 applications and each of them may have an interface other than the one in which they are designed. To use it you need to drag the window with the mouse to the corner of the screen or its side part.

In addition, the new system is equipped with virtual desktops, which were not previously available. taskbars have a Task View button. When you click this button, you will get a list of all running applications as well as the option to create a desktop that is empty. The activity can be separated with this. The desktop may have programs for work or entertainment on one, while the desktop may have programs for both. Another way virtual desktops can be used is to organize a computer's work among several people. Users can configure the background colors to show their running programs. Programs may be found only with a small strip on the bottom (see screenshots) on other virtual desktops, in the normal mode. Program icons from the present ( currently active) desktop appear in the normal mode, whereas icons from other virtual desktops are displayed in the normal mode only. The result is that we can recognize all of the software running on the computer by how it is located on a desktop belonging to another. When using Windows 8's horizontal orientation, or if using the new interface, the vertical panel slides out to one of the corners, although it does not respond to the cursor now, it is actually called Win + C. In general, it is convenient to open the control panel, the system information dialog and the personalization dialog (if using keyboard shortcuts). While Windows 10 uses these features; the volume can be adjusted automatically, as is the case with older versions; however, they are only used a very little. From an interface perspective, there is some change. The opening and closing animations of the windows have been modified to include more frames, making them look better. Though some icons have changed, and by the time Windows 10 is released as a final version, the whole set of standard icons will probably have been updated as well. Metro is a popular service among those who do it.This interface can be activated by pressing buttons. Right-You can uncheck the Use the Start menu instead of Start screen option in the Property window that appears after clicking on the taskbar and selecting Properties. Then click the Start Menu tab. Therefore, the Windows 10 developers acknowledge their intention to make the operating system suitable for all devices with this statement. Microsoft's "haysters" appear once more open to criticism as a result of all the new features, despite all of them. We're once again being offered something that might be included with a new Windows 8 service pack from Microsoft. Although many of us won't take a chance when Windows 10 launches next week since the Windows 8 version comes out just a few years after the launch of Windows 10.

- They returned an unaired Start Menu; a Search Menu with no shortcut to an app like Word Excel.

- There was no need to install the entire application in one desktop;

- There have been slight changes to the interface and standard icons.

- In recent months, Snap features have been improved.

When using Windows 10 for the first time, you may know it's a useful system, but a lot of its vulnerabilities and bugs are extremely annoying. A software update caused the entire operating system to crash for many people. It works very well until it fails, but finding a way to fix it on a regular basis is not easy.
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