Windows 10 UX Pack

by Windows X's Live

Enhanced graphics of Windows 10 like heme or the addition of a dozen other features will do nothing to adversely affect the system files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Windows X's Live

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Is it okay to check out what Windows 10 looks like, but does not want to install it ht look like, but don't want to install the system itself? Then you can use the Windows 10 UX Pack application - It is a tool for altering the Windows interface between 7, 8, and 9.If you change Windows 10's interface 1 from the current operating system to Windows 10.2, the functions will return. Windows 10 UX Pack does not change any important system files and therefore the risk of damaging your system is minimized. Replaces the welcome screen and desktop icons, desktop themes, desktop wallpaper, Metro&Modern, virtual desktops (in Windows 8, taskbars), and more features.

The archive for Windows 10 UX Pack must be downloaded and Windows 10 UX Pack 3 run before installing it.0.To install ), select the appropriate options, themes, boot screen, and a number of additional Windows 10 features like a virtual desktop.By clicking Install, you will create your own style search engine. After the program has figured out how to configure the Windows interface, it will take a few minutes. It is not necessary to reboot - no need to do so. Changes are effective immediately. By clicking on Uninstall, you can return to the original version.

IMPORTANT: A system recovery point should be created before Windows 10 UX Pack is installed.

- The Windows interface can be changed quickly; t's interface;

- Program installation and uninstallation is easy; ;

- simple one-click setup;

- Theme categories for Windows 10 from 3 Themes: 3 Windows 10 themes: Is the old media ancient or glass and Metro; and...

- The Firefox browser has a wallpapers gallery, custom cursors and an ted cursors, wallpaper and welcome screens;

- To start you on, use these original images of Windows 10; The taskbar looks as if it were inspired by a picture of the World's Fair.

- virtual desktop support;

- Menu start with Metro themes supported;

- Pre-made Metro theme is used to emulate it.installed gadgets;

- Aero coloring is automatically applied- ically coloring of the Aero-theme;

- Including all of that.

IntelCoreSeries logo
Computers able to use the driver for Windows.
iPod nano Player logo
A widget that gives you control over your iTunes library.
Magic 8 Ball logo
Virtual "magic 8." It's a sci-fi innovation.Microsoft Windows can be run on ball" application.
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By selecting a hotkey option or clicking a shortcut icon, you can hide a window quickly.
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A cat is running around the top of the desk.