by Stardock

Enables users to customize their desktop aesthetic through skins and other visual styles

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stardock

Release: WindowBlinds 10.8.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WindowBlinds is a program that gives the user greater control over the graphical properties of their desktop and overall windows experience than would normally be possible. In each of the above areas of enhanced customization there is the potential for enhanced functionality. The start menu, the taskbar, control panels, and window frames are accessible through it. The skins feature offers users the ability to customize the colors, fonts, and other characteristics of these custom areas with their favorite tools. A SkinStudio, however, is all that's required to generate and design your own skins from scratch. Regardless of whether users experiment with their own skins directly or through pre-designed skins, there is no charge for these experiments.Besides built skins, other custom skins can also be made...built skins made by users which are available for download at the community website.

There are even multiple levels and subclasses built into some of the more complex skins available. There are certain visual styles that have options for substitute skins.Your choices of styles will allow you to have more control over how your look looks. Using these exclusive combinations across the 4 main areas, you can save them as presets, allowing you to create simpler applications at a later point if your preferred preferences or mood changes. There are more detailed options available, including changing the font style, editing skins transparency, altering colors at an instant, and extending window borders.

The interface of WindowBlinds has been updated recently to allow for more efficient usage, making customization easier and faster and allowing the usage of new features such as skin randomizers, which change your aesthetics and skin choices at random or preset intervals. Besides the preview tool, you can add new parameters and make adjustments while they are in use so that you can evaluate your feelings and thoughts for a better feel of the process. UI-wise, the user interface has been simplified significantly to eliminate visual clutter and to eliminate unnecessary features, such as extra tabs.

By allowing two Customizable applications to be used for the desktop interface of your computer, you are given greater control.designed and pre-built skins

  • Use the included SkinStudio to completely generate skins and graphical elements from the ground up
  • Take part in the community to download other user skins and visual elements
  • Change your windows desktop graphical interface according to the font, windows transparency, colors, textures, etc.
  • Newly added features such as a skin randomizer which allows you to blend and use multiple different skins and visual styles depending on the time of day
  • Enhance your customization of certain windows elements such as the start menu, the taskbar, control buttons, and various windows frames

Supported operating systems: There is Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, ap, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

WindowBlinds 8.04 (48.77 MB)
WindowBlinds 8.05 (49.01 MB)
WindowBlinds 8.09 (49.98 MB)
WindowBlinds 8.12 (48.28 MB)
WindowBlinds 8.13 (48.28 MB)
WindowBlinds 10.03 (54.15 MB)
WindowBlinds 10.07 (54.19 MB)
WindowBlinds 10.8.2 (54.28 MB)
WindowBlinds 10.60 (54.29 MB)
WindowBlinds 10.65 (54.15 MB)
WindowBlinds 10.74 (54.39 MB)
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