Window Hide Tool

by Window Hide

A utility that helps you to quickly hide a window by using hotkeys or by clicking an icon

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Window Hide

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Window Hide Tool is a tool that allows you to quickly hide the window of any application.

Using the hotkey feature of the software, its main commands can be changed to a certain degree. You can hide one window at a time, hide all windows at once, or hide a group of windows all at once.

You can also hide the windows by clicking on the Window Hide Tool icon located in the system tray.

There's also the option of setting up hotkeys for windows based on the title text (for example, a group can include all of the windows that have "Internet Explorer" text installed.).

- Program size is small because it's all about collaboration.

- It is very intuitive and simple to use.

- Support hotkeys.

Recently, we have developed a tool to hide the other windows applications as fast as possible using the new window hide tool. In addition to these, the titles of the windows give us the ability to define groups. When we hide the windows we can also select the window hide tool icon on the system tray.
Screen recording software that I find to be very useful when I have to do it.g. so the program must be running but not blocking the window for me.This app really helps and works with most applications. It would highly recommend it to others as well.
This tool is handy when you want to conceal all of the windows on your desktop at any given time. As a result, you can hide only one window by pressing Win + H while pressing Win + S, and vice versa. Besides blocking only one window, it also allows you to hide more than one window at a time.
Since my doors are always open, privacy is always something I wish I had. My privacy is easily afforded if someone unexpectedly shows up at my door.
It wasn't actually this I planned to use at all until I received it. Its name indicates that this program allows you to hide open windows easily. Having this handy when creating video for my Sims is really a big relief, as I'm recording my screen when recording.
The Window Tool for Windows allows users to hide their windows. As a user of Hide Tool, it is an opportunity to give your privacy back no matter if you work home or work for a firm. By clicking on hot keys, you can hide and restore a single window or entire group of windows while bringing them back in one go. My goodness, if you prefer not to be distracted by NSFW material while at work, or if your windows require you to switch between screens more accurately, Windows Hide Tool may be a viable alternative.
Use Hide Window Tool to quickly hide any window from view in any program.
Need to de-you tend to stay on the keyboard but still want an easy way to hide windows while using your mouse? Window Hide is an app that enables you to hide windows with shortcuts or without having to open the windows. In particular, there is a possibility of hiding Windows all or little, allowing plenty of flexibility in this application. To quickly conceal all these open windows, you must press a few key presses; you can refine your organizational skills since you can quickly do so.
Any application that I need to hide a window of must be found using a utility to do that. My friends suggested I try out an online tool called "Window Hide Tool" because, during the past period of time, I had been searching on the Internet for long periods of time. There has never been software like this one that I have reviewed. Keys were used to hide a window for any program. Several factors contributed to the development of this software, and I would like to thank them.
For my convenience, this program hides an open source app without costing much money. Using this system is one of the most efficient ones I have encountered. In order to hide an empty group of windows or a single window, I used a magic hotkey. A single key can be used for both hiding and showing the windows, depending on the system you are using.
Whenever I open a window from someone I may be coming across, this program hides that window. Although I tend to have many windows open for Facebook and Instagram on these days, I look more productive as a result of this method. The ability to drop anything from my screen, without having to type it in, makes me feel good.
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