by Sapro Systems

A calendaring application for creating and maintaining your own schedules that can be created and customized into popular formats.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sapro Systems

Release: WinCalendar 4.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Have you had difficulties integrating your ecalendar y embedded calendars work the way you want them to? Now, WinCalendar gives you powerful tools so you're in control.


  • The only problem with creating these new calendars is your calendars need to match the current countries.
  • Powerful templates to get you started quickly
  • Design in your choice of size and coloring.
  • Import data from Outlook, Google Calendar, ICal, Yahoo Calendar, TeamSnap, Excel and CSV file.
  • Build in Word or Excel for easy, familiar editing: Calendar tools can be added to ribbon for easy use.
  • There are several important tasks to be performed using your desktop or online presence.
  • Utilize other calendaring and scheduleing features -management tools such as Outlook
  • Export to pdf format for printing and sharing.

Whether you prefer your calendar customized for you or not, your own personal calendar can help you streamline your busy schedule. Our online dating service is fast, easy, powerful, and flexible, so you can stay on top of your dates the best you can.

Powerful calendar functionality that makes looking and doing the same things easy.
This program will make all Windows users' lives more meaningful and effective. Despite its simplicity, it is beautiful to look at and its use is excellent. It turns out the team is extremely creative and innovative that I switched over from Google Calendar. I can't imagine anything better than receiving the first-class service from these providers. This is one of the most popular software on the market at the moment, and I am sure no one needs an entirely different application as we're living in.
There isn't a better program than this ers-With our template, you can create a calendar that is tailored for every and every project, which is another time-saving program. We did not think we could create an automatic calendar out of Word or Excel. Various file types are available in Outlook, Google, CSVs, and iCalendar. I highly recommend this little addon for those who use Office a lot.
Spreadsheets such as this one can be used for everything. This means that information contained within calendars cannot only be searched for it. It would be much less disruptive if I focused on finding a program or template in Excel that would allow for the import of my spreadsheet very Little modification.The formatting process was always difficult to adhere to, however, with WinCalendar in less than a few clicks inside Excel, I was able to import my existing spreadsheet data into calendars quickly and easily.
Generally you won't be left out of the great features of WinCalendar if you have an established understanding of windows. Moreover, it's a valuable tool to have on hand since everyone likes to remain digital. Based on WinCalendar, however, there's only one disadvantage. It's only a demo, not a finished product; there are too many limitations. The customer may get frustrated if they use them like they do a certain way but this doesn't meet the exact needs they have
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