by Colin Mackie

Portable, open-source Authenticator for Windows that provides counter or time-based authenticators and common implementations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Colin Mackie

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WinAuth is a program that you can use instead of a mobile authenticator for Steam, Google, Battle.The Guild Wars 2 subscription is available with Microsoft, as well as Xbox One. These authenticators are used as a means of securing accounts against attacks and confirming internal transactions (such as placing items on Steam's trading floor). In the case of multiple accounts in these services but only require a portable device to install their authenticators, this tool is especially helpful. The system allows you to switch between accounts in a matter of seconds.

WinAuth is a completely free solution and has open source code. A different step is necessary to add new accounts on the step wizard that provides information about the specific feature and function of a service. An example would be Battle.As a service provided by WinAuth, it allows the recovery of data that was stored in an account. Every single added account is subject to a title and note, as well as being able to get an icon with a similar icon.

A program is one of the most popular solutions for inspiring user trust and not gaining access to personal information (the program's code can be read by anyone). You should be cautious about using this application, however, it is only in extreme cases.

- Rather than a standard Google Authenticator / Steam / Battle, Google Authenticator has been integrated by default into the game.Other services are considered as well...

- You will be able to bind many accounts with one;

- Set up easy-to-use wizard for account-formation;

- The Steam trading floor makes it possible for it to confirm internal transactions such as transactions on its trading platform;

- Java syntax enables this to be installed on any mobile device.

I've been able to streamline my gaming experience using WinAuth. All of my gaming platforms were connected; ; Steam and Battle also fit into this using WinAuth. Having this option now allows me to switch accounts easily. WinAuth has one of the best systems, free and open-source - the code is so unique.source.
Google, Battle, and several other online services use WinAuth.Accessing your account on Microsoft's Windows, Steam, or the internet can be done with this method. This program could replace a mobile authenticator in order to keep this type of account from getting hacked. In this tool, you can select any number of accounts on the same service and receive the most recent authentication codes in each account.
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