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Navigate through specific wireless networks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: nirsoft

Release: WifiInfoView

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WifiInfoView for Windows is a great tool for advanced users that want extensive information on wireless networks, it will show you all the information you possibly need and could use for a wireless network, it will show you all the specific information like the range of use, compatibility with certain computers and networks. WifiInfoView will show you the internet service provider for each wifi network as well, making it incredibly informative and thorough. Over time, this guide will be able to showcase everything WiFi networks possess and provide.

The WiFiInfoView function is another export method, enabling you to easily discover and put information into a document with only a click of a button. shown you information like Mac addresses and IP addresses, etc., and it will also display information about the signal whenever it is new. The device can also check the speed of the WiFi network, and it's able to do so.

It doesn't need a full reinstall either: just download the WifiInfoView application, open it up, and go to work. It can also be used while on the go or when you're trying to find information regarding the wifi network in your area.

Connecting to the internet with wireless information is very easy.
  • free
  • no install required
  • a lot of data

The conclusion for WifiInfoView is that it supplies you with all the sufficient information needed for any given wifi network you might be connecting too, it has IP address, mac addresses and so much more, and it can allow you to secure yourself and you can export data from the program as well so you can note stuff.

Robert Stevens
You can view advanced facts about your wifi network like its frequency, how far it works, and what devices its working with by signing up for Wifi Info. export this data in the event of collection for future e, it also allows you to export this data for data collection purposes to save.
Jude Garrido
Using the WifiInfoView program, you can scan and optimize wireless networks.In real time, you can see how Fi networks are around you and find out what info each one possesses. Information such as the name of the network or the SSID, the address of the network in order of capacity, and signal quality might be provided.
There are many fine products available from Microsoft, but I prefer MS presentations over inkjet printers. Wireless Connecting is the first feature we offer in Internet Explorer in order to support Wireless Monitoring (also available through free apps). It uses easily and quick connectivity for Windows applications as well. I'M STILL IN WAITING FOR NEWS.....
The WifiInfo View software provides users with a number of features that allow them to open nearby wireless networks with ease. A simple and intuitive UI displays useful information relating to the different wireless networks. One feature that was useful for me was the ability to compare the Signal Quality values & identifying the best network signal quality. I would highly recommend this product based on the simple design, extensive info displayed, & the range of utilities this software product offers.
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Providing information regarding the servers of a certain website by using a dedicated software solution.